Vibieffe at Crocus Moscow Expo 2018

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Vibieffe at Crocus Moscow Expo 2018
24/09/2018 - Vibieffe will be present its living collectrion at the next edition of Crocus Moscow Expo 2018, from 10th to 13th October.

Among the solutions presented to the Russian public there will be Nido Sofa, Xsmal Sofa, Hi_Story armchair and E_Spirit accessories.

Comfort and design are marks of distinction in Vibieffe products, fashioned with the creativity of famous furniture architects and designers, top names in the furniture galaxy who have imparted a touch of pure class that makes a real difference. The new edition will show the Vibieffe ‘s furnishing established showcase for upcoming trends, as well the consolidating position and strategies.

Vibieffe on ARCHIPRODUCTSVibieffe at Crocus Moscow Expo 2018

Vibieffe at Crocus Moscow Expo 2018

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