Vintage furniture and concrete

Ideal Work bathrooms: design, relax and wellness

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Vintage furniture and concrete
26/10/2016 - Reclaimed wood furniture like old ladders or a barn-stolen table match with vintage lamps or table lamps perfectly. The lighting is soft and it creates powerful chiaroscuro effects enhanced by natural light.

Bathrooms are going beyond their traditional functions. They're becoming designers' masterpieces of wellness and relax. Linear, minimalist bathroom furniture can now be matched with units such as tables, benches and chests of drawers that can fit in whichever room.

MICROTOPPING is Ideal Work's liquid polymer and cement aggregate mix making your room a rich, warm and velvety background.

Microtopping paving might add a metallic effect thanks to coloured metallic salts which penetrate concrete thus changing its colour and making unique and lasting effects.

Why choose Microtopping?
- it gives your room a smooth, rich touch for an original, contemporary and classy space.
- it's ideal for renovation works: in just 3 mm it changes your room's look in record time
- you can use it the bathroom to a special treatment doesn't let humidity in
- it's eco-friendly thanks to its non-toxic composition
- you can use it with floor heating to enhance your comfort

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