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Three creations designed by Alessandro La Spada in natural stone with Azerocare process

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14/05/2020 -In the context of the suggestive flagship store of Visionnaire in Milan, some products will be presented with Antolini natural stone tops, enhanced and protected by the revolutionary Azerocare process.
There will be three Visionnaire creations - designed by Alessandro La Spada - in natural Antolini stone: the Kobol wellness unit will feature the ethereal texture of Dover White marble, while the Leonardo wellness unit will be enhanced by the expressive power in black&white of Dalmatian marble; finally, the Kerwan dining table will be made of Port Laurent marble.
The Antolini natural stones that will interpret Visionnaire’s design will have exceptional performances thanks to the revolutionary Azerocare technology.
Antolini license, Azerocare is the first specific protective process for marble and onyx and is the ideal solution for bathroom and kitchen spaces as it guarantees permanent protection against stains and corrosion caused by contact of surfaces with acidic organic substances (whose PH ranges from 3 to 8). Extremely advanced, this process is today unique in the sector and carries out its protective function, keeping aesthetics, colors and perception to the touch of the natural stone.
Made exclusively at the Antolini production units, Azerocare is therefore a guarantee against possible damages deriving from the use of products such as wine, coffee, oil, vinegar, tomato sauce, fruit juices, as well as perfumes, toothpastes, detergents, lotions, lipsticks or eau de toilette. This process also makes surfaces non-permeable, avoiding the proliferation of bacteria. Natural stones with Azerocare technology are also extremely simple to clean: as a matter of fact, water, neutral soap and a simple nonabrasive damp cloth are enough.
Always aimed at increasing the quality standards of its materials, while paying the utmost attention to the environmental impact of the proposed solutions and production processes implemented, Antolini proposed with Azerocare an eco-friendly technology: indeed this process does not produce any emissions into the atmosphere, nor does it generate processing waste.
It is a pleasure to be able to collaborate for several years with Antolini, leader company in the production of natural stone,” says Leopold Cavalli, CEO of Visionnaire. “Thanks to Antolini’s research and development, the stones that will interpret the design of some of our creations will now have exceptional characteristics not only aesthetic but also of innovation; they will in fact be protected by the Azerocare licensed process. An extraordinary technological innovation capable of protecting marble and onyx surfaces from usually very aggressive external agents.
In Visionnaire, we have found a perfect interpreter of the inspiration and expressive potential of our natural stones. We are extremely proud of this new partnership which - we hope - will have further evolutions in the future, opening the way to more and more surprising and ambitious goals and destinations. In particular, it is an honor for us that a brand like Visionnaire has appreciated, in addition to the uniqueness and refinement of the natural stones we propose, also the revolutionary capacity of our Azerocare license.” - Declares Alberto Antolini, CEO of Antolini.

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