Visionnaire Opens a New Monobrand Store in Montecarlo

Today the soft opening in live mode on a Zoom platform

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08/05/2020 - Today at 5:00pm (Italian time) for the first time Visionnaire experiences a soft opening in live mode on a Zoom platform and then deferred streaming on Facebook dedicated to architects, interior designers, press and the whole Visionnaire community. An absolutely new way to date in the furniture, luxury and interior design sectors and which marks a real turning point for those working in the sector. The Visionnaire board will speak, with its CEO Leopold Cavalli and the Art Director Eleonore Cavalli, the Monegasque partners with the Garbarino family and the Architect Mauro Lipparini, the company’s historical “pencil”, on the theme “the role of interior design in the post Covid era”. The public will be able to speak live, both in video and in chat mode during the conference.
The new monobrand of Montecarlo will pilot this initiative, which will open as soon as conditions will allow it and with great probability on the occasion of the Monaco Yacht Show at the end of September. A prestigious boutique in one of the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan cities in Europe, toast to the new strategic partnership between Visionnaire and Garbarino Interior Design, historic interior design studio, active in the Principality of Monaco for over 40 years.
The space, with three windows on the street, in the historic Boulevard des Moulin, covers an area of over 150 square meters at the “res-des-chausses”, where Visionnaire will be exhibited with its latest creations, and another 150 square meters in the basement where there will be located the design offices and some historical pieces designed and produced by Adriano Garbarino.
Situated in the prestigious Carrè D’Or district, the beating heart of the high-end Monegasque shopping, favored by a jet set that touches all latitudes, the new mono-brand is characterized by a flexible and dynamic space, animated by a careful choice of environments that reflect the lifestyle and the elegant atmosphere that have always distinguished on an international level Garbarino Interior Design and Visionnaire.
Designed to fascinate professionals and design enthusiasts, increasingly attracted by the quality and excellence of Made in Italy, the space aims to offer its customers an authentic and stimulating experience that sees as protagonists the major best and long sellers of the company, and in particular, the collections that have characterized a new stylistic path of Visionnaire, which aims to conquer the most sophisticated customers of the European market. After passing the entrance, visitors are welcomed into a very large and bright architectural space, characterized by complete settings, enhanced by an interesting chromatic contrast and characterized by highly impactful decorative elements.
Ample space is dedicated to the living sector and in particular to the collection designed by Mauro Lipparini; like King’s Cross, cultured and refined furniture - reflection of a natural and harmonious eclecticism - and a selection of modular upholstered furniture by Lipparini as the iconic best seller of the maison, the Bastian sofa.
The “Anthem” project (Fabio Bonfa design) was also selected, as well as tables and consoles Aurora (Steve Leung design), characterized by the insertion of fossils and hand-worked semi-precious stones.
With the opening of this new showroom in Montecarlo - notes Leopold Cavalli (CEO of the maison) - Visionnaire strengthens its presence in the European market, an area in which it is present with a sophisticated and ambitious distribution strategy, offering a new destination for professionals and customers interested in the values of uniqueness, 100% Made in Italy sartorial ability and “one of a kind” planning, expressed by our brand in collaboration with great and historical professionals of the project, the Garbarino family”.
“Our projects meet the criteria of competence and requirement – comments David Garbarino. Each step is integrated into a 360° approach: the arrangement of a space, the control of a construction site, the furnishing of a room, the conception of a piece of furniture. The safe and constant marriage between aesthetics and technique. With this philosophy was born the desire to share our experiences with those of the maison Visionnaire. This family business has gradually conquered the world thanks to its innovations, its immense creativity and its recent desire to return to the sources and foundations of beauty: a return to clean lines and beautiful materials. A whole universe of furniture and decorations that already dress the most beautiful houses in the world and that will undoubtedly have success in the Principality of Monaco and on the Côte d’Azur”.
“This event - observes the architect Lipparini - will require us to think and rethink about relationships and scenarios of the habitat, both on a social and private level and what and how the work spaces will be. How much value to give to your home, which the relationships between functionality and aesthetics, which spaces to share and which the personal ones”.

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Visionnaire Opens a New Monobrand Store in Montecarlo  2

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