Warm lighting that takes on a life of its own

Vibia presents Palma by Antoni Arola

07/04/2017 - Created by the lighting designer Antoni Arola for Vibia this collection owes its inspiration to the traditional values and legacy of bygone times that have evolved in a masterful way to bring a natural and light touch. The PALMA collection consists of subtle light fittings giving off a warm lighting effect that takes over interior spaces with a wrap-around luminance that is both comforting and reassuring. The spheres of light are configured in an audacious approach floating mid-air and growing up and along the enclosing walls.

Nature takes control of the space. The interior ambience takes on a life of its own with the possibility of integrating plants within the lighting compositions. The PALMA lamp collection includes two sizes of hand blown glass sphere joined together by a strap and aluminium structures. The intensity of the LED light source is dimmable. The collection can be installed as an individual fitting or combining several spheres to create diverse suspended compositions, for the wall or the floor. Available in graphite or white finish.

With this new concept Vibia opens the possibility for creating interior spaces that connect with a lighting tradition but in a more sustainable manner, one that takes on a life of its own.

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