Water Tank Manufacture gives new life in bathroom

New collection at MAISON&OBJET

04/09/2014 - Water Tank Manufacture offers a new approach of the corner toilet, design, original and custom-made, without any compromising on technology, quality of products and materials used.

They have been creating bold solutions, or combining comfort with aesthetic and varied inspiration, to make your water tank flush a real decorative object. All Water Tank Manufacture products are thought and created in France. Here we are some collection that will be present during MAISON&OBJET.

The Woody project works with delicacy the marble and associates it with the sapreness of the wood, for a smart and sophisticated finish.

The water flush tank
The work of the marble on Woody is the perfet alliance between the traditional and modernism : the purity and the refinement of the marble join perfectly with the sweetness and the heat of the wooden boards. The water tank flush can be put on a coffering in plaster or wood, with or without stone floor. It is conceived and planned for a simple installation and an easy maintenance (accessibility) during all the life cycle of the product.

The washbasin
Its very contemporary faucet contrasts with the traditional aspect of the washbasin materials and brings it a modern character by respecting the classicism of its components.

The model KB combines the nature with a futuristic design, with the elegance it deserves

The water flush tank
The KB project associates a contemporary design with a bright and natural facade, to bring a touch of well-being and a little of appeasement in its toilet corner. The multiple blocks which form it contain cunning solutions of arrangement, brought to light by ribbons of LED bulbs for a magnetic and futuristic lighting. 

The washbasin
The KB washbasin follows the water flush tank’s logic: a pure line, with a facade in Dacryl ® made by blades of grass, to bring a wind of freshness and get a little appeasement.

An elegant design, a pure line, An fresh and zen tone

The water flush tank
The X.1 project works with delicacy the corian and the wood, to dress everything in elegance support frame. Its integrated solution of storage is the trick for stuffy and smart toilet, divested of any congestion.  

The washbasin
The X.1 washbasin resumes the design and the elegance whom we are expecting in our toilet corner. The alliance of its noble materials, such as the corian and the wood, get it a simply smart and refined design, to dress quite smoothly the toilet corner.

The original of the 30’s, devious, revisited, dressed; just modern !

The water flush tank
The military jerrican rehabilitated in water flushtank reveals its slowly " provoc " and temptress face … It is endowed with a dual flush push button, allowing a better control of water consumption. Its "passive" essential oils diffuser delicately perfumes the the toilet corner, for a sweet sensation of freshness. The solution consists of a water flush tank and a button of release, each one customizable.

In a word, the C-Line water flush tank shows the essential; its clever storage are everyday comfort. Its contemporary design fits all styles of interiors and gives a chic and design to the toilet corner. 

The water flush tank
C-Line is much more than a water flush tank, Under a pure and chic design hides a clever storage solution, with a "passive" essential oils diffuser in beech. C-Line has been designed with the care of aesthetics and comfort: it gives the ability to store up to 8 rolls of toilet paper, leaving access to the flush tank. This tank brings well-being through its diffuser, perfuming the toilet corner with a delicate fragrance. The dual flush push button allow a better control of water consumption.

Customizable and colored water flush tanks, to seduce the youngest and create a playful universe

The water flush tanks created by WTKM also are intended for children, because they often have the last word...! The " Kids " models developed by WTKM in monolite installation, consists on the playful dressing of one support frame, whiches curtains are choosen by the smallest. This dressing can take back a theme desired by the child (such as the universe of the super-heroes for example) or to adapt itself to their imagination, so overflowing it is.
Water Tank Manufacture gives new life in bathroom 2

Water Tank Manufacture gives new life in bathroom 3

Water Tank Manufacture gives new life in bathroom 4

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