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Geo's Table and Lilly's Chair for children are the latest in the brand's eco-friendly collection

12/12/2018 - We Do Wood takes its characteristic connection with nature and traditional Danish woodcraft to children's furniture with the bedroom mini-office ensemble, consisting of Geo’s Table and Lilly’s Chair. Given designer Sebastian Peter Jørgensen's usual playful designs, this hardly comes as a surprise, and is a welcome addition to the collection. Using natural and sustainable processes and materials, the brand also upholds its commitment to creating eco-friendly furniture.
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Geo’s Table is a functional children’s table with a large pull-out drawer, which can be used to stash paper, crayons and other favourite toys from both sides of the table.‎ The table was designed to fit in any room, and can also be used as a side table or a small coffee table.‎
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Lilly’s Chair brings a new dimension into children’s furniture.‎ This children’s chair was designed as a timeless and functional piece of furniture that can easily be placed in any room, without necessarily standing out as a childish item.‎
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Lilly’s Chair and Geo’s Table are made from certified moso bamboo, one of the most sustainable natural resources.‎ We Do Wood work with certified plantations, guaranteeing that their bamboo is grown without chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.‎ Furthermore the bamboo processing and furniture manufacturing is done without the use of harmful chemicals and select the adhesives used during processing and production to ensure the lowest formaldehyde emissions in the industry.‎
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In typical Scandinavian style, the items are delivered in a flat package with installation videos available for final assembly to be done at home.‎

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