Winter Spaces: Time to Cozy Up with GAN

Virgin wool rugs and softness textiles to give warmth to your home

05/01/2022 - The warmth of the spaces, carpets and accessories GAN: when temperatures drop, furnishing the places we inhabit, starting with the ground we walk on, is something that brings multiple benefits.

Warm and effective solutions 

Temperatures drop and the instinct to shelter from the cold leads us to reconnect with the warmth of the home. Choosing pieces woven in materials such as virgin wool to cover strategic areas -the bedroom, the living room, the home office, or a reading nook- is key for comfort, but also to achieve greater efficiency when it comes to energy. Wool rugs (natural, recyclable and obtained without animal cruelty) are an excellent insulator that helps reduce energy use and environmental noise; while providing a safe, comfortable, and non-slip surface.
Winter Spaces: Time to Cozy Up with GAN 2

The properties of natural materials work their magic in handmade creations such as the DUNA kilim, designed by Odosdesign and inspired by Mediterranean warmth; or the RAW rug, devised by MADE Studio and made on a manual loom by combining the rustic touch of jute with wool.
Winter Spaces: Time to Cozy Up with GAN 3

The innovative modular spaces designed by Patricia Urquiola for GAN, MANGAS SPACE and BANDAS SPACE, are pure comfort in three dimensions. By creatively playing with rugs, cushions, and poufs, one can shape different warm compositions to relax, read or simply lie down and take in the afternoon sun, in the months when it is most needed. On the one hand, BANDAS SPACE can create countless combinations thanks to a simple Velcro system with which the different pieces of the collection are coupled. On the other hand, MANGAS SPACE adds texture, volume and color in reconfigurable spaces.

Comfortable and homey 

That warm feeling can also be found in the touch of collections such as CHADDAR, by Charlotte Lancelot. The profusion of details in embroidery and needlework is resized to shape rugs and poufs in natural and sober tones that generate complete and versatile environments. Based on the technique of petit point and also by Charlotte Lancelot, the SILAÏ collection presents embroidery in a contemporary language; it employs changes of scale, of use and of context to achieve a charming and addictive touch.
Winter Spaces: Time to Cozy Up with GAN 4

Knitting can also be applied to furniture. The Knitted Stools, designed by Claire-Anne O’Brien, are inspired by different knitting techniques, made of wool and natural ash wood.

Rugs as a meeting point 

Gathering around the fire is an ancient ritual, and that is why the spot in front of the fireplace can become the most coveted in the house. There we can find GRAPY, by Kensaku Oshiro, upholstered in velvet, a geometric kilim like MOSAÏEK, by Javier Tortosa; or a splendid large rug, like the multifaceted WATERKEYN, knotted by hand with jute fibers. They all act as an invitation to lie down. 
Winter Spaces: Time to Cozy Up with GAN 5

GARDEN LAYERS, by Patricia Urquiola, includes mattresses, Indian beds, rollers, and cushions, all made with 100% recycled PET. It is an indoor and outdoor collection that invites you to create customized spaces by overlapping different layers and heights.

Ready to hibernate? 

The colder months push us to spend more time at home with our family. For this reason, winter is an ideal time to choose timeless decor pieces, with handmade charm, letting color fill the space with life and light.
Winter Spaces: Time to Cozy Up with GAN 6

The hand-woven PURE wool, designed by MADE Studio, is the essence of the genuine and warm beauty of GAN craftsmanship. With a bolder style in an intense blue tone, PLY, by MUT Design, stands out for its organic lines and enveloping textures that bring movement and an artistic touch. On the other hand, the lightness and geometric character of Sandra Figuerola’s kilim NDEBELE evoke the light and vitality of Mediterranean culture and the rug takes the spotlight.
Winter Spaces: Time to Cozy Up with GAN 7

Soft, noble, and respectful of the environment: GAN’s warm textile creations decorate the most welcoming spaces.

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Winter Spaces: Time to Cozy Up with GAN 8

Winter Spaces: Time to Cozy Up with GAN 9

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