Winter Suggestions

Pedrali proposes upholstery in the name of comfort

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Winter Suggestions
27/11/2018 - Chairs, armchairs and sofas are dressed in winter, with soft paddings and upholsteries in fabric, leather or eco-leather in Pedrali's Winter 2018 collection. Light and essential products conceal an imperceptible technology at the sight, designed to embrace and wrap.

Playing with contrasts of different shapes and materials, Pedrali upholstered seatings are able to enhance the design of the environments in which they are inserted, diffusing warmth and a feeling of hospitality. Thanks to their versatility and the many customizable versions, these products are perfect for contract environments such as hotels, restaurants and co-working offices, but also in domestic settings. Pedrali, Buddy

Pedrali, Buddy

Presented this year in a new upholstered version, Nym Soft and Fox Soft recall the outlines of the homonymous collections, ensuring total comfort and cosiness.

The key feature of Nym Soft, designed by Cazzaniga Mandelli Pagliarulo, lies in the different densities of the polyurethane foam padding, which is significantly thicker in the seat area, ensuring adaptability and support - two central elements of comfort. Its natural shape allows to adapt it to different contexts. Pedrali, Nym soft

Pedrali, Nym soft

An instantly recognizable architecture characterizes Fox Soft, the elegant armchair with a distinctive personality and compact dimensions. Its outline stands out for its harmonious mixture of materials and contrasting geometric lines. The result is an extremely versatile and functional collection, an archetype able to highlight the aesthetic features of its materials. The versatility and functionality of the upholstered Fox version are enhanced by different color combinations of wood and upholstery, shades that emphasize the design of the armchair itself. Pedrali, Fox soft

Pedrali, Fox soft

Vic armachair, designed by Patrick Norguet, is a classic, chic and elegant chair, presented this year in its new version without armrests. Vic chair draws inspiration from classic mid-century chairs, modernised using advanced technology: the backrest with sinuous shapes lifts up from the seat while remaining tied only at the ends. The resulting opening provides Vic with design lightness and eases the handling. Pedrali, Vic

Pedrali, Vic

Harmony of shapes, elegance and ergonomics are the main features of Jazz. A high level of customization, which guarantee the maximum adaptability in contract projects, is possible thanks to the combinations of the upholstery, in fabric or leather, and the different finishes of the steel. The armchair has been chosen for the restaurant of the DoubleTree by Hilton in Turin and for the restaurant of the prestigious Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland, as well as for the new Caffè Fernanda inside the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan.  Pedrali, Jazz

Pedrali, Jazz

Pedrali upholstered proposals also include the collection of poufs, Buddy, the family with a friendly, versatile character, designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, from this year provided with generous backrests. The hallmarks of Buddy are the soft lines and the minimal and simple design. Characterised by contemporary and versatile elements, even in their simplicity, the collection is featured by a contrast between the bold volumes of the seat and a slender, lightweight frame.

The use of the backrests makes Buddy family even more flexible and comfortable, with endless possibilities of composition. Buddy collection has been chosen for Artissima in Turin, the most important Italian contemporary art fair, to welcome the guests to the entrance hall and for the modern Edelman Office in Dubai, where it completes the space giving even more color and personality to the environment.


Pedrali, Buddy

Pedrali, Vic

Pedrali, Vic

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