Z: is now, the New Zanotta Catalogue

Twelve stops and twelve personalities. The narration through images

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Z: is now, the New Zanotta Catalogue
18/02/2021 - Zanotta presents itself with a renewed visual language, more authentic and emotional. An immersive communication that welcomes greater spontaneity from new ways of living and explores the most private dimension of the person: the home. The Zanotta catalogue, created in collaboration with Robilant Associati, is an involving, intimate and confidential narration through images. Zanotta communicates through shots of real life, frames of daily life and contemporary living.
The focus shifts from the object to the relationship that is established with those who use it. Not a photographic set, but twelve real houses, inhabited and lived by people, each with their own story, with their own life, with their own passions.

The story of the Zanotta collection is a  multifaceted journey with twelve stops and twelve personalities, authentic protagonists of their space.

A sequence of shots, rich in detail, in which the use of the flash serves to fix the moment of the gesture and the interaction with Zanotta products that are part of that reality peeked and revealed by the camera lens.
The claim Z: is now reflects and summarizes the values and philosophy of the brand. Zanotta believes in an idea of a home based on quality and long-lasting products, that become lifetime partners. The Zanotta collection is a kaleidoscope of forms, innovative solutions, and functions that might never have been seen before and of materials. Furnishing pieces and accessories capable of establishing pleasant relationships. Products with a soul that become part of the story and of people’s story, finding their ideal space. The pieces of Zanotta collection fit alongside other products through the stratification of experiences and passions that characterizes each house making it unique and with its own identity. Each time this happens differently, sometimes unexpectedly, because it is interpreted by different people. Zanotta is plurality of people, authors, languages, products.

Pietro Baroni is the photographer of the twelve stories found in the new Zanotta catalogue. His artistic path explores the ways in which the human being builds himself in the world, in the social and natural space that surrounds him. Body, identity and emotions are the focuses of his work and the points of contact with Zanotta's approach to design and project. The catalogue project was edited by Robilant Associati. The Milanese Branding Agency joined Zanotta in a creative approach to branding that is characterized by a new spontaneous, authentical and eclectic communication style in line with the identity of the brand.

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Z: is now, the New Zanotta Catalogue

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