Zanotta: it's a jungle in there

Outdoor in indoor. Iconic furnishings blend in with domestic greenery

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Zanotta: it's a jungle in there
08/03/2021 - Outdoor in indoor. The desire to be outdoors and in contact with nature transform the home and the boundaries between indoor and outdoor blur and contaminate each other. The iconic Zanotta furnishings blend in with domestic greenery in a rediscovered dimension of well-being within the walls of the home. Cavour, Zanotta

Cavour, Zanotta

The Cavour desk is a dialogue of opposites. The slated, organic shaping of the sleek, asymmetrical structure are offset and balanced out by the full, geometric forms of the storage compartment, chest of drawers and desk top. Cavour is a daring piece - an exercise in structure featuring intriguing cantilevered elements as part of the pursuit of the perfect form. Dove, Zanotta

Dove, Zanotta

Dove is a sofa with a minimalist design which perfectly expresses the idea of comfort and establishes an ambience of empathy and welcome throughout the day. Relaxing, being together with the family, welcoming guests. The seat's three layer construction - made of polyurethane foam, memory foam and Dacron - assures excellent comfort and an ergonomic shape. The borders of the cushions are highlighted with double stitching to accentuate the softness of their pad- ding. The seat is supported by a wooden frame with elastic band springs. The backrest and arms are upholstered in fire-retardant polyurethane foam and are mounted on steel frames. The aluminium casting feet, with a graphite colour coating, are connected to each other by extruded aluminium tubular frame members. The frame, partially integrated into the upholstery, is designed to make the sofa seem to float in the air. The arms are angled to support the neck and back, inviting the user to stretch out and relax in total comfort. Ricordi, Zanotta

Ricordi, Zanotta

Ricordi is a bed that combines comfort with a strong aesthetic statement, featuring advanced and yet minimalist structural solutions. The design of the headboard is inspired by sheets hung up to dry in the wind: the two vertical members terminate in a semi-circular cavity which accepts a horizontal cylin- drical rod, on which is "hung" an upholstered quilt that forms the two large cushions. The bar is held in place by the tension of the fabric wrapped around the frame. The result is a soft, billowy headboard which can be covered in leather or fabric, both re- movable. The rear legs in natural or black stained oak are mounted to the bedframe with mechanical joints. The side members and footboard are both upholstered and padded like the headboard. The front feet, made of steel and mounted between the footboard and side members, mirror the cylindrical shape of the central rod and are coated matt black. The base is made of steel, with curved beech slats with a transpar- ent varnish Sacco, Zanotta

Sacco, Zanotta

The iconic Sacco armchair by Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro and the Albero vase holder by Achille Castiglioni find their place in the domestic jungle too.

Zanotta on ARCHIPRODUCTSAlbero, Zanotta

Albero, Zanotta

Albero, Zanotta

Albero, Zanotta

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