Zelda: A Tribute to the Femininity of the 1920s

The new vanity table by Devon&Devon

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Zelda: A Tribute to the Femininity of the 1920s
13/05/2019 - A tribute to unconventional femininity and the irresistible charisma of the wife and muse of the author of “The Great Gatsby”, ZELDA is the new vanity table by Devon&Devon.
As Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald tells in an article which appeared in “McCall’s” magazine in 1925, 'vitality is not inventing something new, but taking old ideas and giving them a life that was lost'. This is why the Florentine brand has reinterpreted in a contemporary way the classic bedroom dresser, enriching the offer dedicated to home and well-being.
The dresser frame is defined by the sinuous lines of the surfaces and side doors; the rounded semi-circular handles which when closed form a circle; and the round circumference of the big central mirror with its one-metre diameter. The long, thin legs of the table are made of natural brass, the same material used in the profiles (also rounded) which gently accompany the curvatures of the surfaces, doors and rim the diamond mirror and the base of the velvet footstool.
The counter top, divided into three parts to make space for everything required for make-up and hair, is in cremo-extra marble, and is luminous in its candour tinged with pale-yellow streaks. The doors and drawers are in an intense powder-pink lacquered wood with mallow hints, a shade of pink that Zelda Fitzgerald loved and which she spoke of frequently in her narrations, associating it to the unique and irreplicable colour of the clouds right before an unexpected storm. Under the main top, between the two drawers (one of which is a ring holder) there’s a removable tray covered in pink velvet. All the colours can be personalised upon request.

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Zelda: A Tribute to the Femininity of the 1920s

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