Shaping Light: Zero in Stockholm

New lighting collections designed by Note Design Studio, Thomas Bernstrand and Jens Fager

31/01/2023 - Zero presents its new collection for 2023 at Stockholm Design Week: the latest lighting news designed by Note Design Studio, Thomas Bernstrand and Jens Fager, novelties that mix new interpretations of colours, geometric silhouettes, and various designs inspiration. 

Sprinkle, design Note Design Studio 2023 
Zero announces the expansion of their popular Sprinkle lighting collection with three new pieces: a floor lamp, a linear pendant and an outdoor bollard. The Sprinkle floor lamp boasts the same striking geometric silhouette and transparent slats as the original pendant, now adapted for a freestanding form. This unexpected and distinct design adds a touch of sophistication to any space. 
SPRINKLE by Note Design Studio 2

SPRINKLE by Note Design Studio

The Sprinkle desk lamp brings the same attention to detail and design to your workspace with a compact size that fits perfectly on any desk. In addition, its transparency and layering of light create a narrative and unique atmosphere, perfect for any home office or study. Together, the Sprinkle floor and desk lamp complete the Sprinkle family, offering a range of lighting options for any space. And with their commitment to efficient and local production methods, they can offer these pieces at a price point that allows them to be incorporated into any larger design scheme. They are confident that the Sprinkle floor and a desk lamp will add a new level of personality to any room. They can’t wait to see how they are incorporated into the creative spaces of architects and designers everywhere. 

Lumo, design by Thomas Bernstrand 2023 
LUMO by Thomas Bernstrand 3

LUMO by Thomas Bernstrand

This year ́s extension of the Lumo family is a catenary pendant and a wall fixture. Both are IP65 rated for outdoor installations. This offers a larger range of options for indoor and outdoor installations. Lumo is a classical, cone-shaped fixture cast from a single piece of aluminium. The six-millimetre-thick shade ends elegantly with a nice full radius. The diffuser is imperceptibly mounted into the shade in a way that avoids glare. 

Compose, design Jens Fager 2023 
Zero, COMPOSE by Jens Fager  4

Zero, COMPOSE by Jens Fager

This year’s newcomers to the Compose family are floor & table lamps, wall fixtures and a larger version of the metal shade. These complete the Compose family and offer a large range of options. Compose is renowned for its multitude of expressions, thanks to its versatile options. The aim is to offer a fixture that is more like a tool, or an instrument, from which the most beautiful music can be composed. Let ́s Compose! 
COMPOSE Floor Lamp by Jens Fager  5

COMPOSE Floor Lamp by Jens Fager

Zero, LUMO by Thomas Bernstrand 6

Zero, LUMO by Thomas Bernstrand

Zero, SPRINKLE by Note Design Studio 7

Zero, SPRINKLE by Note Design Studio

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