ZIG by Cezign: design becomes interactive

Travel with your mind and create your own flexible décor

16/09/2013 - ZIG by Cezign is a design tool and idea for decor accessible to everybody, with a high level of functionality, aesthetically unique, and at a reasonable price point. Zig is colorful, affordable, modular, versatile, functional and more. Make it yor own with custom-design, from fabrications to shapes.
The Concept: to create your own flexible décor by using Zig components as a geometric tool. Zig offers a chance to organize these elements in a three-dimensional space, and allows each person to become their own designer to develop a relationship with their own design.
Starting from a collection of refined, basic rectangular pieces in bright pops of color mixed with neutrals, assemblage is similar to a card game or building blocks.
'You help the pieces to say what they want to say using your own interpretation'
The 'game' of assembling the design helps each designer to experience the fundamental issues of geometry, physics and technology. It also introduces the user to the world of art, of shapes and volumes, while developing concentration and a feeling of balance. Not to mention an attractive and functional piece of furniture.
ZIG is a collaboration between Cecilia Dupire and Costa Picadas.
Cecilia's experience is in both commercial and residential design. She studied in London and Vienna, and has had experience restoring medieval homes in the South of France, which informs her respect for tradition and character. Her taste for minimalism is informed by a playful side. Dupire's New York home has recently been featured in New York Cottages and Gardens. She also offers art therapy to children with cancer at Sloan Kettering Hospital.
Costa Picadas, is a well-respected photographer of interiors and exteriors, residences, yachts, hotels and restaurants, and has been published in many of the most iconic design magazines across the world. His vision in the area of design and décor is flawless.

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