Lapalma - poltrone Lapalma - poltrone
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Design for a better living

Lapalma strongly believe that living well makes living (much) better.

Lapalma has been developing flexible and modular design solutions of outstanding quality for forty years. Lapalma's products, designed to delight users, are made with the greatest attention to every detail, in keeping with the Italian tradition of ‘beautiful and well-made’.
Lapalma - Arredi indoor e outdoor Lapalma - Arredi indoor e outdoor
Lapalma - Arredi indoor e outdoor
Lapalma - poltrona
Chairs, armchairs, tables, stools and systems are the building blocks of a single, constant quest: to offer innovative and functional solutions that create a harmonious ongoing dialogue between spaces and those who live in them.
Lapalma - poltrona Lapalma - poltrona
TRAIL, new table system designed by Giuseppe Bavuso
At the Salone del Mobile 2023, Lapalma presented new pieces to enrich his collections. As the entire Lapalma collection, TRAIL, LUSTO and KAMI are high-quality furniture intended to be long-lasting, reconditioned when required, and produced with recyclable raw materials. Flexible and versatile furniture in minimalist design, adapting to contexts and situations that may change over the years while delineating purposeful spaces, where people feel at ease in their social and working lives.
Lapalma - tavolino
Lapalma - tavolino
KAMI, new all-wood stool designed by Mario Ferrarini
Lapalma - sgabelli Lapalma - sgabelli
LUSTO, new stool inspired by nature designed by Karri Monni
Looking towards a better future also means choosing furniture elements that convey sustainability, inclusion and well-being. With its products, Lapalma contributes to this vision.
Lapalma - tavolo
Lapalma - tavolo
Lapalma - tavolo e sgabelli
Lapalma - tavolo e sgabelli
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