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Prisma Cooking Suite, performance and design

Prisma brings the quality, the Made-in-Italy design, the industrial precision and the excellent workmanship of its professional solutions into the kitchens of the best international hotels and resorts. Its purpose is providing the chefs and their staff with working tools capable of supporting them in their tasks, while encouraging their creativity.
blocco cucina abimis blocco cucina abimis
Prisma cooking suite Franco Driusso design is a ‘multi-tasking’ project that rationalises the preparation of dishes, simplifies other activities and redefines the space for movement in the kitchen thanks to functions, technologies, volumes and proportions designed to meet the most specific and often complex requirements of the catering sector.
The cooking suite is made entirely in stainless steel, a biologically neutral metal that doesn’t release any substances on food, resists corrosion, supports temperatures up to 500°C and is 100% recyclable. According to the requirements of the kitchen, the cooking suite can be made as an island or leaning against the wall, complete with a superstructure attached to the top. It is a modern, ergonomic and efficient configuration around which the various activities are developed.
composizione blocco cucina composizione blocco cucina
The top, in a perfect flow with its sides, frames the suite thanks to a 45° shaping that gives a particular lightness to the aesthetics of the cooking suite. The cooking tools are positioned flush with the top to ensure maximum hygiene and easier cleaning. The lower part of the cooking suite houses the dashboard, complete with knobs with ergonomic power selector, laser-engraved description of the different functions to control the temperature of the different cooking equipment. The flush-mounted handles allow the dashboard to be aligned to the compartments below, emphasising the balance and the formal cleanliness that characterise the entire project.
 Piano di lavoro con fianco a 45
Worktop with 45° side —
The stainless steel top has a total thickness of 5,5mm and is sandwich made with U-shaped reinforcements over the entire structure.
Attrezzatura a filo piano
Flush-mounted equipment —
High-performance cooking equipment, flush mounted with the top and when possible completely welded.
Dashboard —
Dashboard equipped with flush-mounted knobs with ergonomic power selector, customisable according to the equipment installed. The descriptionsof the different functions are laser-engraved directly onto the steel of the dashboard. The flush-mounted knobs allow the dashboard to be aligned with the compartments below.
Open modules or modules with hinged doors complete the concept, suggesting a certain dynamism.
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The cooking suite is a concrete example of Prisma’s ability to create high-performance solutions defined in every detail, to ensure flexible, highly functional spaces that guarantee perfect work execution and organisation, while respecting the architecture and specific features of the destination context.
Thanks to Prisma’s decades of experience, the cooking suite has been conceived to allow a smart coordination of the food preparation processes, thus achieving the utmost synergy among all the elements that define it, improving the quality and efficiency of the service.
accessori cucina prisma
accessori cucina prisma
accessori cucina prisma
A perfect combination of design, ergonomics and functionality, the cooking suite - like all Prisma solutions dedicated to professional catering - is a system designed to meet the real needs of those who work in the kitchen every day, and customisable according to the functional and dimensional needs of the customer.
Tacciaio inox acciaio inox
Prisma’s flexibility in the development of its cooking suite, allows the optimisation of space, guarantees maximum efficiency and those requisites of resistance and durability essential for an element under intensive operation.
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