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Newsoft: a long 40-year future.

Founded in 1979 by a group of university researchers specializing in earthquake engineering, NEWSOFT was the first company in Italy to develop structural, geotechnical and hydraulic analysis software. Our four-year experience in the development of solutions for structural design in the areas with the highest seismic risk of the Italian territory is a heritage that we make available to all our users.

... in constant connection with scientific research.

In almost 40 years of activity, we have always invested in the most advanced scientific research and maintained a direct and constant connection with the University world, through participation in joint research projects and also employing staff expert in the structural and anti-seismic fields. All we did was to give to our products the highest standards of performance, reliability and innovation and create advanced software solutions that have accompanied the daily work of thousands of technicians.

Our products

High performance in a very short time
Newsoft software’s provides an integrated approach to design, in the various fields: structural, hydraulic and geotechnical fields). It is innovative, powerful, easy to use, versatile, fast and reliable. All this is possible thanks to specific choices: each product is all-in-one, does not require additional modules, and use self-developed highly optimized solvers.

Our goals

Put customers always at the centre of our business
At the centre of our work is the user and following him closely to interpret the real needs: that’s the constant goal of Newsoft, pursued through continuous investment in research and development of new technologies, but also with commitment to after-sales assistance. ... More ... less

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