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Nicoline, an Italian company founded in 1993, specializes in the production of upholstered furniture, producing sofas, armchairs, beds and furnishing accessories, to combine craftsmanship with the most modern technologies, to transform materials into design elements, with excellent qualities that enhance form and content. The Italian style is fully expressed through different professional experiences whose common goal is to create quality and innovation. Manual skill is combined with applied creativity, a blurred line between art and craft that is protected and valued. Handcrafted excellence is joined by technology to once again become the avant-garde and not the past.

Nicoline sofas and furniture

Nicoline offers a wide range of solutions to provide customers with "the best place to feel comfortable, to relax and to dream”. From conception to sketching, from prototyping to engineering, Nicoline gives shape to design ideas. The company allows its customers to customize the products till the tiniest detail. Clients can choose among fabric, colors, leathers, finishes, getting as a result a piece that becomes a one of a kind. The products reflect a sober, elegant, timeless identity, and are the result of Italian artisan savoir-faire and sartorial attention to detail. In addiction to this, an accurate research of materials and technological solutions establishes a high quality result. The Key formula of Nicoline is the full expression of the concept of “Made in Italy”, which today fuses indissolubly tradition and innovation: the knowledge of artisans refines a product born from the most modern technologies, while the intelligence of the hands offers sensitivity and emotion to industrial precision.
The Brand has developed 3 catalogues:
- Philosophy Sofas
- Philosophy Accent Chairs & Complements
- Timeless Sofas

History and evolution of the Nicoline brand

The history of the Nicoline Brand was born from the passion that Nicola Palasciano and Maddalena Acquaviva had since they were children and which led to the realization of a dream. Thanks to their passion and perseverance in 1993 they founded the Nicoline brand, it was the beginning of a path that would lead them to establish themselves nationally and internationally as a synonym for quality and Made in Italy. In 2001 Nicoline exhibited at its first fair in Milan. Since then, thanks to research, stylistic and technological innovation, they have always tried to preserve and increase the manufacturing wealth of the territory. In 2013 the Brand exhibited at its first High Point fair in North Carolina in the USA. Nicoline soon gets bigger: quality, attention to detail and constant search for innovative materials are synonyms of its production reality. Since 2023 Nicoline renews its corporate image. The brand takes up the challenges of the third millennium and the digital world, starting from communication, entry into the wider market, the renewal of the headquarters. ... More ... less


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