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NOËL & MARQUET is a brand of design elements offering creative and innovative solutions to professionals of the interior design and decorating sectors. The brand’s complete range of cornices, 3D wall panels, skirtings, profiles for indirect lighting and chair rails allows designers to tackle any part of a wall, from floor to ceiling, and turn any room into a unique space full of character and personality.

NOËL & MARQUET: a story of passion and knowledge

NOËL & MARQUET is the premium decoration brand of the NMC Group, an international family-owned company and market leader comprising more than 70 years of experience in the development, production and marketing of high-performance synthetic foams. This expertise and a distinctly innovative spirit make the appeal, authenticity and quality of products simply unique. NOËL & MARQUET is a highly influential brand in its field, driven by creativity, innovation and a passion for design inspiring professionals of the interior design and decoration sectors to create unique living spaces. The wide range of NOËL & MARQUET products enables professionals to design bespoke solutions to meet specific consumer needs and make every home special. Sticking to timeless classics whilst remaining one step ahead of evolving trends, the NOËL & MARQUET range is continually enriched with new products and designs. From slick and pure to eccentric and ornate and everything in between, the different elements help shape unique and truly personalised interiors, whether modern or classic.

Sustainability: an important value of NOËL & MARQUET

Sustainable development has always been at the heart of the brand's philosophy. This awareness for energy efficiency, sustainability and climate protection has meant that every step in the development, production and sale of NOËL & MARQUET design elements is checked and optimised. The vast majority of products are made in Belgium with 100% green energy and using closed water circuits to reduce consumption. Moreover, all NOËL & MARQUET products have a BREEAM product declaration while the skirtings have even been awarded the “Blauer Engel” eco-label. The NMC Group is also certified ISO 14001 – the international standard for environmental management systems. ... More ... less

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