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NOËL & MARQUET is a company based in Eynatten, Belgium, and specializes in plastic foam applied to cornices and decorative elements. NOËL & MARQUET is the new brand of the international NMC group, leader in the development, production and marketing of synthetic foams. NOËL & MARQUET is present in over 100 countries, with a constant commitment: to devise solutions that improve people's daily lives. NOËL & MARQUET is a company that brings together decades of know-how in the design and manufacture of high quality products and the extensive product portfolio clearly reflects their experience in innovation, design, inspiration and development.
There are two production processes that strongly characterize the NOËL & MARQUET company: foams and extrusion. For the more elaborate three-dimensional forms, they use aluminum moulds in which high-density polyurethane “foam” is injected. The result: highly precise decorative elements, rich in details or, on the contrary, marked by essential modernism. They use the same process to produce the flexible FLEX mouldings as well as design elements (DOMOSTYL®) which are suitable for outdoor use. In the extrusion process, on the other hand, polystyrene is moulded in medium and high density to light (NOMASTYL®) or shock-resistant (WALLSTYL®) design elements. All design elements manufactured by means of extrusion are moreover waterproof and can therefore be used in damp areas without hesitation. Gluing surfaces and a primer facilitate the subsequent processing.

Sustainability: one of the values ​​of NOËL & MARQUET

As a family business, NMC has always been aware of its responsibilities towards future generations. This awareness takes the form of a continuous process of verification and optimization of the eco-sustainability of each phase of development, production and marketing of its decorative elements. Therefore, use only green energy thanks to the company photovoltaic system, almost entirely recycle waste and production waste thanks to the recycling system present in the company, use closed-cycle water circuits to minimize consumption, possess certifications such as ISO 14001 - the international standard for environmental management systems - and BREEAM for all its products, allows NOËL & MARQUET to maintain a high level of attention to concepts such as sustainability and climate protection. ... More ... less

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