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Stockholm / Sweden

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Nola Industrier is a developer of sustainable design furniture for urban environments. For almost 40 years, Nola has developed and honed ideas, products and visions for urban spaces. We collaborates with Sweden’s leading designers and architects from concept to manufacture, with sustainable production taking place exclusively in Sweden.
Nola stands for quality, aesthetic and sustainable design over time. Award-winning designs and street furnitures for urban spaces and public projects.
Starting at a time when colour was rarely seen among designs made for public spaces, we dared to introduce a bold palette of paints that made outdoor products stand out. When material innovation made it possible to reduce bulk without compromising strength, we streamlined our products and introduced sleeker styles. And as architects and urban planners placed ergonomics on the agenda, we introduced accessible designs that people of all ages could enjoy. Along with sustainable design and production.
Today, Nola’s products can be found in commercial centres, transportation hubs, public spaces and architectural developments. Nearly half a century of designing for the urban landscape enables us to produce quality products that make urban environments a little bit more beautiful, and a whole lot easier to live in. ... More ... less

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