Not Only White

Amsterdam / Netherlands

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Not Only White is a Dutch design label that stands for purity and functionality. It was founded in 2010 by designer Marike Andeweg.
Not Only White works with a creative team in an informal atmosphere.
The focus: good designs. The goal: excellent customer service. The connecting factor: love for the brand.
Designed to be undemanding and unobtrusive, Not Only White offers a vast range of bathroom products. Our collection consists of standard models in many sizes. Our custom made solution is always based on our own designs and provides flexibility to adjust basins in size to the need of the client.
Relevant for contract clients, Not Only White offers a special design service for projects requiring maximum freedom and creativity.
Not Only White can engineer a unique solution that will fit perfectly within the constraints of the project, both in a physical and a visual manner. ... More ... less

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