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Iperwood was born in 2002 from a decade of experience in the design of the works of Bioengineering gained within a company specializing in maritime works and leader in the port market. The activities in this area ranging from bank protections for canals and rivers to maritime and urban works. For the realization of such works , Iperwood has always used as construction materials, exotic wood species with high quality and durability , in fact they have excellent physical - mechanical characteristics , combining functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony with the environment . Iperwood also deals with the design of works involving the use of wood and the supply of materials useful for their implementation. Since 2005 Novowood is the brand through which Iperwood Srl demonstrates its respect for the environment and its attention to environmentally friendly technologies .In collaboration with the Faculty of Materials Engineering of the University of Ferrara, we have created a product with features much higher compared with similar materials on the market, in terms of aesthetics , durability , mechanical strength , and not least as it is devoid of harmful substances such as PVC . Novowood is a composite that replaces the wood and is made with 70% of recycled wood and 30% with high-density polyethylene (HDPE ) also recycled . Novowood is a product 100% recyclable as at the end of its life cycle may be completely regenerated. The reasons conveyed in our research for deeper understanding of this material were mainly related to the demand and the necessity to provide a product with major durability even in very aggressive conditions such as marine environments or those exposed constantly and directy to sunlight. Novowood requires no maintenance , it is stable (it does not distort during time), it does not splinter , it does not fade, it can stand the sun the ice and rain, it is fireproof , it is resistant to termites, insects and fungus, it works like real wood. ... More ... less

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