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Offecct is a Swedish company founded in 1990 in Tibro by Kurt Tingdal and Anders Englund. In collaboration with the greatest designers and architects on the international scene, including Claesson Koivisto Rune, Christophe Pillet and Jean-Marie Massaud, Offecct produces furniture with sustainable and functional design, suitable for contract areas. All products combine the authenticity of local craftsmanship with the latest technology. Offecct has 75 employees, a production facility of 20,000 m2 and an annual turnover of 160 million SEK. 50% of Offecct's sales include exports to over 50 countries and showrooms are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe and Tibro, Oslo, Copenhagen, London, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Munich, Zurich, Milan, Warsaw, New York and Singapore. Since May 2017, Offecct is part of the Flokk Group (Norway), an international group specialized in the design and development of furniture for workplaces, seating and upholstery.

Home and contract furniture

Offecct products stimulate creativity and easily adapt to residential and contract environments: from upholstered furniture to tables, Offecct collections stand out for their versatility and simplicity. Just think of the award-winning Robo chair by Luca Nichetto or the Gate sofa, winner of the Red Dot Award - Honorary mention. A unique and very particular piece is the Babled armchair, originally a work of art in marble by French designer Emmanuel Babled, taken as an example and prototype for the creation of a real armchair. On the solid rectangular base, which serves as an additional seat or coffee table, is applied the swivel armchair, from which the perception of the surrounding space changes according to the rotation we make: the only work of art on which you are allowed to sit! Offecct is internationally known for its eco-sustainable production: the materials used are recyclable and all the innovations introduced in the production cycle do not damage the noise and air pollution. In 2015 Offecct launched the OFFECCT LifeCircle® concept, designed to extend the life cycle of products. The philosophy behind this concept is based on the desire to give furniture a sustainable life cycle, with full responsibility for each stage of production, before, during and after the sale. The products are made to last and even used can have a second life. For this reason Offecct has also created a second-hand market: products are recovered, cleaned and put back on the market at an obviously cheaper price, in case they are not suitable for sale, they are disassembled and their materials and individual components are recovered. Offecct's commitment to the environment is also expressed in its line of coatings and acoustic panels able to reduce annoying environmental noise.

Acoustic panels and green furniture

It has been proven that good air and sound quality actually improves our creativity and well-being. For this reason Offecct has introduced the Air&Sound collection with soundproofing products and furniture with the possibility to insert plants, to contribute to a healthy environment, both in the workplace and in residential environments. Noise pollution ruins the atmosphere in a room, reduces concentration, increases stress levels and negatively affects our state. This problem is on the rise and it is most felt in large workplaces that adopt open space solutions. Since 2002 Offecct has been producing Soundwave®, a range of sound absorbing panels that combine acoustic properties with an original and attractive design: designed by well-known international designers, the panels become a work of art placed on the wall. At the beginning of their introduction on the market, acoustic panels Soundwave were absolute novelties in the industry. Today there is a greater understanding of the importance of sound, and Offecct panels are still on the market as leading acoustic products: they absorb, reduce and block disruptive sound. In addition to the focus on sound quality, Offecct is very attentive to the quality of the air we breathe. Modern buildings are often so well insulated that the air is not able to circulate properly and, as a result, we get tired and lose concentration easily. A simple solution is to introduce plants indoors, as they increase oxygen levels and absorb carbon dioxide and unhealthy particles. Offecct's O2Asis collection was created with the intention of facilitating the integration of plants in our environment: not only vases, planters or pedestals, but real furniture, from poufs to tables, with specific housings for plants, useful and even beautiful! ... More ... less

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