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OFYR embodies the art of outdoor cooking. With a collection that consists of cooking units and outdoor furniture, the brand brings design and functionality to your garden. By using high-quality materials, OFYR ensures that you have everything you need to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, for many years to come. The original design of the first OFYR product stems from a desire to design a cooking unit that attributes to the outdoor space, even when the product is not being used. A device which transforms outdoor cooking from a solitary activity into a shared experience. A concept which brings people together, to create moments of connection. The result: an iconic design that enriches your outdoor space.

Iconic design for a unique outdoor experience

At the base of the brand is the OFYR Classic cooking unit. A cone-shaped fire bowl rests on top of a rectangular base, on top of which lies a round plancha-like cooking plate that surrounds the open fire. Each unit is designed with the utmost care, using only high-quality Corten Steel or black-coated steel for the base and sturdy stainless steel for the plate. The plate can reach temperatures between 200 °C and 300 °C, making the OFYR perfect for quickly searing all types of ingredients. This Classic unit is available in freestanding and portable variants, with and without storage space, and comes in various sizes. OFYR has also introduced a large line of accessories, which allows the cooking unit to be used as a grill, rotisserie, pizza oven and Brazilian grill as well.

OFYR: solutions for a complete outdoor kitchen

From its cooking units to practical storage solutions and work surfaces, the extensive OFYR collection helps you create a complete outdoor kitchen. Each product is designed to create a uniform and harmonious style. Modular elements like Butcher Blocks, Wood Storages, Mise en Place Tables and Kamado Tables complement the outdoor space, with a timeless design and high-quality materials. This way, the OFYR collection transforms your garden into the new centre of your home. A place to relax and entertain around the fire, all year long. ... More ... less

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