Acquaviva delle Fonti / Italy

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OLTREFORMA is…Synonymous with Passion.
OLTREFORMA is…An artistic thought becoming design in line with contemporaneity.
OLTREFORMA is creative thought translated in decorative items that embellish the spaces making them unique.
Each object is the result of a careful study that comes from an idea…A few sketched lines are transformed, they take FORM and OVER to become creation…
Lines, colours, materials blend into an harmony game until they become essence of a space.
In a smart world dominated by homologation OLTREFORMA mission is to confer an emotional dimention to spaces embellishing and making them extraordinarily unique.
This concept comes from two decades of design experience gained by architect Surico. Through dialogue with her customers, she has gained the strong belief that Spaces represent the most intimate place of emotions, life and work experiences.
Every space is unique and individual and deserves to embody the essence of those who live in it. Every decorative item becomes endless conjugation of an original idea thanks to versatility of the choice of colours and materials.
OLTREFORMA represents the Made in Italy from design phase to the production entirely entrusted to skilled craft workers in line with the modern industrial techniques.

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