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Valencia / Spain

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With more than 20 years of experience in the lighting manufacturing industry, ONOK can be regarded as a highly professional company with technical expertise. Our dedicated design team works meticulously to offer the best luminaires with contemporary and functional design. Our technical department works together with the client to develop a lighting study in order to elect the most appropriate products for every space and use.

The production department manages the whole manufacturing process of all the customised lights, whilst the logistic department facilitates fast, straight-forward deliveries. Meanwhile the client is advised and accompanied by our experienced sales department. We have our own R&D department which creates innovative products, highly functional and aesthetic. We manufacture the totality of our lights in our 2000 m2 production plant.

Our purchasing department selects the best components to guarantee the quality of our products. Over more, all our luminaries are subjected to a comprehensive control by the quality department before being packed, guarantying customer satisfaction.

We have a representative network of over 25 agents worldwide. We are present in over 40 countries, mainly in Europe, the Middle East, South America and North Africa. ... More ... less





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