Opinion Ciatti

Calenzano / Italy

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Since the fifties, the Ciatti family has been running the company that bears its name, covering a period which today with Lapo Ciatti encloses three generations. Opinion Ciatti is the expression of a way of understanding design as an experimental terrain, as a laboratory for forms. The objects are intense and expressive. They recount a non-dogmatic quest, a passion for a design look, ever important aspects of a company which combines quality of the design with a long manufacturing tradition. Design after design, object after object, Opinion Ciatti has created a network of unmistakable features. The furniture is often modifiable and can be mounted in various combinations and compositions, a metaphor for a contemporary, free and flexible lifestyle. A house that can be transformed over time. And the furniture being transformed with it. Each product has its own identity, its own inspiration, its own story. And these many stories, which are sometimes parallel, sometimes diverging, are tied by a common thread, all of them are thought in Florence and 100% made in Italy. ... More ... less



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