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P-Trex, Business Unit of Fibre Net Spa, is specialised in the design and production of profiles and structures in GRP (Glass-Reinforced Polyester) composite material, which are used in many industrial sectors as an improved replacement for conventional materials such as steel and wood. All P-Trex profiles and structures are produced by Fibre Net Spa, a leading company in the market of structural recovery, seismic retrofitting and safety of existing buildings and infrastructures. P-Trex is engineering, manufacturing and customer service at all stages of the collaboration. P-TREX line for industry guarantees the supply of certified, innovative and customized solutions. Thanks to a strong heritage in engineering design P-TREX combine know-how and production capacity. P-TREX systems made by FRP respond in an innovative, efficient, cost effective and sustainable way to the most challenging needs of the industrial sector.

P-TREX production lines

The production lines are currently: P-TREX P - the line of pultruded profiles made of composite material – FRP. They are available in more than 200 sections, in many different materials and colours, most of them in prompt delivery; P-TREX G, line of gratings in composite material – GRFP. Available in different sizes, thicknesses and mesh size, in different finishes and anti-slip classes; P-TREX S, line of structures made of FRP, the best and cost effective material to face demanding industrial applications and environmental conditions. Customized on client’s need, they are distinguished by high resistance to chemical agents and weathering with resulting absence of maintenance costs; P-TREX F fences and gates in GRP are the most innovative solution for fencing and protecting those areas where electrical insulation, non-magnetic and radio transparency are required. Particularly used in the airport world, where they meet the requirement of frangibility and radio transparency, P-TREX GRP fences are the ideal confinement for electrical stations and substations, rail ways, industrial areas and where electrical insulation, non-magnetic and corrosion resistance are required. P-Trex is a structured example of "made in Italy", where Engineering, Chemical and Mechanical laboratories, R&D and Production collaborate synergistically, in order to provide certified, innovative and customized solutions to engineers, institutions and client. ... More ... less

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