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Todi / Italy

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Palazzo Morelli is a finishing contractor specialized in custom-made surfaces and bespoke furniture for high end projects.
The company was founded in 2006 by Alessandro Ortenzi in Todi (Umbria), a charming town in the centre of Italy, with the goal to provide architects, interior designers and clients with custom-made services and high quality surfaces and furnishings made in Italy.
The primary focus is the customization of decorative surfaces and furniture using a selection of materials and finishings that fit perfectly the mood and specifications of the interior design project.
The involvement of the clients and the close collaboration with the designers is the key to manage successfully any bespoke projects in full compliance with the given budget and timetable.
From the beginning Palazzo Morelli undertakes both residential and commercial projects serving clients in Italy, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, France, Monaco, Russia and Latvia.
The company is globally represented and has local contact people in Singapore for the Asia-Pacific area and in Dubai for Middle East and GCC area.
Palazzo Morelli is a creative international company providing clients with turn-key solutions and beautifully made in Italy surfaces and interiors. ... More ... less

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