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Panaria Ceramica, part of Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche SPA, is an established Italian brand, a go-to resource for interior and exterior floor and wall coverings. Based in Reggio Emilia, the company specializes in traditional porcelain stoneware, laminate, and single-fired tile. All Panaria products are highly appreciated for their quality, elegant colors, and superior finishes. The Panaria story began in 1974 when Giuliano Mussini, currently the majority shareholder of Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche Spa, gave life to the Panaria Ceramica project, laying the groundwork for the company's remarkable success. Over the years, Panaria Ceramica has evolved - thanks to investments in research and in the use of increasingly high-quality materials – to become a global leader. The company has a factory in Kentucky where floor and wall tiles are produced for the American market.
Over the decades, the Panaria Ceramica catalog has been significantly enriched by valuable collaborations; for example, until 1996, fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré created distinctive bathroom tiles for the brand. The company's success has also been confirmed by its marketing activities in the sports and advertising fields. In the 1980s, Panaria's leading spokesperson was the Italian tennis champion, Adriano Panatta. Starting in the mid-1990s and for the following 13 years, Panaria lent its name to professional cycling, sponsoring the wins of numerous prestigious races.

Panaria Ceramica porcelain stoneware floors

Panaria Ceramica porcelain stoneware floors are made with attention to the most minute details and allow for the maximum customization of color, dimension, and form. They are suitable for both indoor use in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas as well as outdoors.
With its cement-effect antibacterial surface, Opificio 22/A is stable and weather resistant, ideal for outdoor applications. The wood-effect Nuance floor, available in five colors, has thicknesses ranging from 10 to 12 mm and comes in four different sizes, mainly for indoor use. The extensive range of choices for interiors includes floors that combine the strength of porcelain stoneware with the possibility of replicating wood, marble, cement, or stone finishes.
Panaria has always been committed to innovation. Several exciting projects have come to life over the years as a result of the company's commitment to research. Zero.3, an innovative laminated stoneware line with a minimum depth of just 3mm, comes in large slabs of up to 1m x 3m. Another significant milestone came in 2010 in partnership with Microban, a leader in antibacterial technology, to produce the Protect line with a silver-based composition that protects surfaces from bacteria; it is hygienic and safe regardless of weather conditions and use. In contrast to Zero.3 with its minimal thicknesses and large dimensions, the 20mm line focuses on extreme resistance with greater thicknesses that make the elements optimal for unfavorable climatic conditions and outdoor uses like driveways.

Panaria Ceramica for walls and facades

Thanks to its investments in research, Panaria Ceramica currently proposes several options for every residential space, including exteriors. Panaria Ceramica floor coverings can reproduce various finishes like stone, marble, and wood and come in different decorative and geometrical patterns. The functional and elegant tiles of the Eternity line can also be used on walls. Decidedly glittering and colorful spaces can be created with the Even line. The vibrant and essential Nuance line proposes a wood effect in various tonalities. The vast assortment of solutions conceived in Panaria Ceramica's creative laboratories allow customers to design a home or workspace perfectly in line with their specific needs and requirements. ... More ... less

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