Panaria Ceramica

Finale Emilia / Italy

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Panaria Ceramica is a sub-brand of the Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche Spa, one of the Italian leaders for ceramics. The company was founded in 1974 and produces high-quality floor coverings, outdoor floorings and wall coverings in porcelain stoneware. Panaria Ceramica's unalterable main characteristics are refined and carefully selected raw materials, continuous technological innovation, excellent research and development projects and, of course, the experience and know-how allowing the company to develope new collections of high quality and aesthetic value. A wide range of available products enables customers to find specific solutions for every conceivable application. Combining the ancient tradition of ceramic art, in which the company has always believed, with the latest trends in flooring and coatings, Panaria Ceramica became a benchmark of its sector. The focus on innovation is demonstrated by the project "Gres laminato 3.0" which allowed the realization of very thin tiles. With its production methds Panaria Ceramica follows a "green" approach: both its production facilities meet the environmental standards required by the law. Also in this regard, the company has received numerous certificates and awards at national and international level which do testify to the sensitivity of the company for environmental protection and its research for the best living comfort. Panaria Ceramica is a constantly growing company. In addition to its first industrial plant in Finale Emilia it also runs two new new facilities in Cavola di Toano and Fiorano Modenese. ... More ... less




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