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Meda / Italy

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The creations of Paola Lenti, who founded the eponymous company in 1994, stand for design furnishings. The company has become one of the leaders for sofas and armchairs, fabric with floral patterns and rugs in highly resistant artificial fibres. Paola Lenti's products are often of elegant simplicity. They captivate the senses with carefully selected materials and their shapeliness which underlines the both unique and natural features of every single project. The choice of the material used for manufacturing the final product is of great importance, from the quality, durability and color of the yarn to the also used metals and the natural stone. Continued love of experimentation with different materials is one of the key elements and leads to interesting concepts and new collections. The company is very careful to preserve the environment and introduced a number of guidelines regarding the disposal of recyclable materials, the dominant use of environmentally friendly materials and the extended durabilty of artificial fibres. The products of the Paola Lenti collections have already received many international awards. ... More ... less




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