Paola Paronetto

Porcia / Italy

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Everyday objects moulded by Paola Paronetto's skilled hands are transformed into unique and exclusive home decorations. Every piece is hand made using a technique that the artist has perfected over the years. The Paper Clay technique makes it possible to create light and resistant objects utilising a mixture of clay and cellulose fibre. Paronetto's highly personal interpretation of this method has produced items apparently made of paper and cardboard, whose irregular shapes and rough textures create graphic effects and enhance the artist's carefully selected colours. In addition to the Paper Clay collections, Paronetto produces objects made from the finest clay, decorated with nature-inspired motifs and three-dimensional paintings made from different ceramic mixtures. Paola Paronetto, born in 1965, is an internationally renowned ceramics designer and artist. After intensive training in the top Italian ceramics centres, which enabled her to refine her technical and artistic skills, Paronetto set up her workshop in the Pordenone countryside. Guided by the desire to experiment with the limitless possibilities of working with a humble material like clay, the artist has succeeded in creating objects with powerful aesthetic personalities.

Paola Paronetto's sculptures - the encounter between art and design

With her I Cartocci collection, Paola Paronetto combines art and design. Fruit cups, dessert bowls, carafes and bottles are transformed from everyday objects into stunning and delicate sculptures. Handmade one at a time using the Paper Clay technique, Cartocci is available in various sizes and with different finishes. The "cartoccio" finish consists of a complex weave that alternates horizontal and vertical grooves. Other finishes include "smooth" and "bark", characterised by wide vertical bands. The 84-colour palette ranges from white to natural to magnificent brilliant hues, all with extraordinary intensity. Over time, the artist has introduced several decorative variations, like inserts in gold, colours or applications of prints and images. The Anemone and Tulipano bowls are inspired by the graceful shapes of flowers and are available in cartoccio, smooth, or bark finishes, with an insert or gold leaf interior. With their slender silhouettes and sloping necks, the decorative bottles are available in 12 different heights, from the 22-centimetre mignon to the 135-centimetre maxi. They create dramatic sculptural compositions of varying sizes and colours. The Ninfee Tall and Ninfee Short bowl series inspired by water lilies is available in different heights and diameters ranging from 15 to 50 centimetres.

Unique and exclusive home decorations and furnishing accessories

Paola Paronetto's production also extends to home decorations and furnishing accessories. Real sculptural objects, like the Metropoli series, consist of single or multiple cylindrically-shaped elements of different heights, available in white tones or with gold leaf inserts. The Oltre l'Apparenza collection is a series of new works made by mixing corrugated cardboard sheets with clay. The sheets appear to be two-dimensional, but in reality, they conceal cylindrical vases on the back that maintain their balance. The vases in the Cactus series, whose "bark" finish comes in different shades of green, recall cacti with various-sized vases placed at different heights along a central stem. The vases and bottles in the Fide series, available with "cartoccio" and "corteccia" finishes, are inspired by ecclesiastical architecture, like bell towers or baptisteries. The Cartocci catalogue also includes pendant lamps for illuminating a kitchen or dining area in a rustic or industrial style. The Anemone lamp has a jagged, irregular edge whose characteristic conical shape gives it a strong aesthetic presence. Variants include all the finishes in the Cartocci collection and numerous colours. The interior can be raw or coated with gold leaf or white enamel. With its "smooth" or "bark" finish and white enamel interior, the Sufi lamp has a diameter from 15 to 30 centimetres and heights between 20 and 45 centimetres. Sufi is at its best in compositions of different sizes and colours. The most recent creation is the Bosco e Pistilli collection, whose tubular shapes and "bark" finish are inspired by nature. They reach their maximum expression when arranged in groups.

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