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PARLA specialises in the supply of a wide range of quality and competitive loose & fixed furniture solutions including joineries and cased goods for the hospitality and leisure sectors. As a third generation family-owned company, whilst specialising in offering custom/bespoke solutions, it also offers a unique product line developed with a variety of international designers. PARLA positions itself as suppliers to major hotel operators and mid to high-end restaurants globally.

Who we are

An established Turkish furniture designer & manufacturer, Parla Design is a 3rd generation family owned business. Seriously committed to supplying the best quality loose & fitted furniture, Parla Design achieves this with a beautiful blend of very experienced traditional handcraft masters working with hitech Italian machinery. Based in Istanbul, the 6000 sq m factory is a hive of activity, producing over 20 containers of furniture a month.

The owners

At Parla we not only believe in what we do, we also love what we do. As a family business in its 3rd generation, our ethos is to continue what our grandfather started and keep on pushing the boundaries to make it better. Our father taught us that we must take care of the customers and employees equally, and everyday we strive to achieve this… We have had occasions where we will not send the customer their order if we are not happy about one small detail, even if the customer says it is ok. For us it is so important to get the job done well, and work as a team to make that happen. We love to find out that customers are happy with the service and quality we offer and are telling others ‘Parla is a reliable brand that gets everyone in their company.’

Our values

Efficiency & great customer service
Our efficient and dedicated customer service has allowed us to become a well respected 3rd generation furniture company. We pride ourselves to be dynamic, on point and able to become a dedicated solution partner to all of our customers.
We have stringent quality control systems in place. We use the finest quality materials and very high quality craftsmanship and Italian machinery to achieve an excellent finish that has a 2 year warranty. We also make sure we stay informed of current trends, work with well known British and International designers to create products that have style and substance.
Eco Credentials
We make our products from locally sourced materials that are produced in the most responsible manner. We believe in sustainability and take steps to lead the way in environmentally friendly manufacturing in Turkey.

Parla Ethos

We believe in delivering affordable luxury that is beautiful and robust. We have a young, dynamic and forward thinking team that become the client’s partner from day one, making the journey with Parla a pleasure.

Social Responsibility

We believe in youth, and the fact that they are the future. We support young and upcoming individuals by giving them training and jobs. We also get involved in projects that support disadvantaged groups of people in each country we do work in.

The factory

Combining state of the art Italian machinery with the highest quality bespoke craftsmanship, the factory spans 6000 sq m, and has highly qualified and skilled in house teams that take on metal work, wood work, spray work, and upholstery. The factory has a great mix of age groups with the older generation handing down their skills to the apprentices, and the young designers guiding the makers to create contemporary pieces of furniture.

PARLA team

Our in house team of industrial designers & craftsmen conceptualise, develop, design, and experiment with new ideas. This brings about perfectly formed pieces of furniture that are fresh, cutting edge, technologically advanced and reflect Parla’s heritage of traditional crafts in a contemporary manner. We also welcome well known architects and designers to join us in creating new pieces, and run ‘Product Creation Workshops’. In these workshops we marry the designer’s expertise & innate talent with Parla traditional & modern craft techniques, cutting edge technology and belief in pushing boundaries. ... More ... less




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