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Passoni Design is an Italian company founded in 1948 and grown within the Friulian triangle of the chair, thanks to a high level of technical expertise in woodworking.
Since the 1960s, the company has developed its presence on foreign markets, in particular Germany, the United States, Austria and France, establishing itself as a serious and reliable interlocutor, able to meet the demands of international partners.
The development of design products represents a natural step: the technical expertise and the ability to give substance to the projects, even the most visionary ones, favors over time the creation of new collections, thanks to the collaboration with important Italian and international architects.

Why, how, what.

We have always believed in environmental sustainability, ethics and expertise, and in people’s wellbeing. These values have been passed down through four generations of our family and our company, along with a deep and sincere love for the materials that nature offers us, the knowledge that comes from experience and research, harmony with our environment, and the beauty that becomes a part of our everyday life. That is how our products are created, made to last a long time, and ready to enhance any space or project with positive values.

Natural Culture

Natural Culture is a name that sums up a new awareness, and expresses our longstanding identity. The expression of the environmental, technical, aesthetic and cultural values of wood and other natural materials. An idea transformed into beauty, warmth and wellbeing through a real and profound knowledge of wood, and an authentic love of nature. This is why, in 2009, we became one of the first companies in Italy to use exclusively FSC-certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council), from a responsible production chain that protects our woodland heritage, the environment, local communities and workers. Because nature belongs to everyone, and is everyone's future. ... More ... less

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