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In the last 30 years Patinas Lighiting has manufactured several thousand special lamps from tiny ones to grand ones. For us. A perfectly satisfied customer and a perfectly crafted lamp is essential it manufacture its 700 special lamps just like pieces of jewellery even in custom made sizes, and it also assure 10 years of guarantee. It go against the trends, thus it do not use iron and plastic but only delicate materials. Such as pure brass. Having a great number of satisfied customers is a proof that it has chosen the right path: it offer lamps they cannot get elsewhere. Do be our partner. And it will give you a lasting value.


Its lamps are gems for special interiors. It offer them to aficionados of elegance, exclusiveness, uniqueness and originality, and last but not least, everlasting beauty. Buyers of Patinas lamps will find that its products are so much more than lighting objects in case they appreciate all the features mentioned above. The lamps will accompany their owners for a long course of time, and they would tell many stories if they only could...

There is a sense of mystery around the lamps: there presence cannot be unnoticed. They fill the interior. Rooms adorned with such original lamps of classic style are surely full of memories. Patinas lamps – be it a wall light, table light or a chandelier- are created just like pieces of jewellery. They are designed with great attention, crafted manually with meticulous care out of high-quality materials in Hungary.

Its company does not follow mainstream market trends, because making huge profit with manufacturing low-price products of low quality is not our aim. Its lamps do not compare with plastic designer lamps sold for preposterous prices. Its would like to sell valuable products and genuine value to its customers. You will not find lamps made of plastic or fake brass in our assortment. It ensure you that all its handmade products are of high quality, thus they will live to be hundred years old. Even that old, they will look beautiful and shiny as ever, giving more joy to generations to come.

For us, recycling and conscious consumption is of great importance, so we would like to contribute to environment protection by producing long-life products.

Our factory

In the fall of 2015 Patinas Lighiting have moved to its new 2000 m2 modern factory, which is situated in Hungary, in Pest county. Its production department is marked with duality, just like our products: this is the place where the historical expertise and the traditional manufacturing meets the modern era standards. It's proud to say, that in its manufacturing unit, it not only produce, but this is where its new ideas emerge, where the plans are made and the lamp prototypes are born.

This is where theory turns into practice, where raw material becomes the jewel of your home. Our factory is modern and we have planed it for a long term, just like our lights. But we did not change our old fashioned handmade production to modern one, and we do not even think about it. At present 44 diligent hands look after our costumer needs, to create the perfect product. ... More ... less

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