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Budapest / Hungary

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Patinas Lighting
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In the last 40 years Patinas Lighting have manufactured several thousand special lamps from tiny ones to grand ones. Patinas lamps - be it a wall light, table light or a chandelier- are created just like pieces of jewellery. They are designed with great attention, crafted manually with meticulous care out of high-quality materials in Hungary. The exclusive material they work is brass which eventually comes in different finishes from nickel to 24K gold.

The factory

The factory is situated in Hungary, in Pest county and it is open for professionals twice a year. Its production department is marked with duality, just like the products: this is the place where the historical expertise and the traditional manufacturing meets the modern era standards.

They proudly say, that in they manufacturing unit, they not only produce, but this is where its new ideas emerge, where the plans are made and the lamp prototypes are born. This is where theory turns into practice, where raw material becomes the jewel of your home. At present 44 diligent hands look after our costumer needs, to create the perfect product.

For them, recycling and conscious consumption is of great importance, this is considered during the production and packaging. ... More ... less

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