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Phormalab is the result of the more-then-60-years experience of Urbani s. r. l. in the field of metal processing. This all-Italian company is highly specialized in the design of heating lamps with infrared technology. It is located in the industrial center of Lumezzane (Brescia), the beating heart of Lombardy’s metal-mechanical production and its products aim at the top of the range and enabels to quickly heat indoor and outdoor environments, even during the coldest months, without having to renounce to the aesthetic aspect.

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Phormalab product selection includes two distinct but complementary families: the memorable Hotdoor model, which has enabled Phormalab to establish itself in the industry, and the newborn Aura, which was launched on the market at the beginning of 2022.
With Hotdoor the great Italian manufacturing tradition meets a deep attention to detail. The result is a solid and functional infrared heater with refined and elegant shapes. Available with a variety of practical mounting solutions, this product is able to meet almost any requirement: from floor to wall and ceiling versions, as well as the corresponding double versions that combine two heaters into a single lamp body.
Aura is the new creation of Phormalab and goes to expand the variety of products it offers. As a result of careful research, Aura combines state-of-the-art aesthetics with high functionality and technological innovation, looking at the future of the infrared heating sector. In particular, the innovation proposed with the Smart version: the dimmer is embedded into the lamp body; this solution not only saves considerable space, but also make it possible to control the product remotely. Aura is also equipped with a special glass that shields the bulb by infrared, thus attenuating the intense orange colour which can be annoying when viewed directly. Finally, the practical mounting that allows a comfortable and quick installation on structures such as gazebos, pergolas and sun umbrellas. ... More ... less

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