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Planika Fires is a leading manufacturer of intelligent bio fireplaces. Combining advanced technology with modern design, Planika creates unique and environmentally friendly ethanol based fires.
Patented BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) technology implemented in automatic fireplaces, allowed to achieve the cleanest combustion process. The only by products of burning are heat, water vapour and CO2 in amounts comparable to a human breath. There is no contact between the fuel and the flames, which joined with the most advanced technological solutions, makes Planika’s fireplaces the safest devices on the market. With architects and designers in mind, Planika introduced Fire Line Automatic - the ultimate bio fireplace allowing to create an endless line of real fire. The device can be adjusted to a specific project and is fully controlled with remote control, control panel, mobile devices and Smart Home Systems.
The natural golden flames can also create a wonderful atmosphere and become an eye-catching feature I any outdoor space. The innovative Commerce burner technology implies filling the burner with highly absorbent ceramic fibres. They keep the fuel inside the burner, avoiding the risk of leaks even in case the device falls over. Therefore Planika products are the safest on the market and can be used in commercial areas, such as hotels, restaurants, SPA etc.
Fire Design, a new category of design started by Planika takes the bio fireplace sector to the next level.
Planika has moved away from the traditional approach to this kind of product. The diversity of forms emphasizes the concept of Planika Fires and allows the introduction of fire into the most sophisticated spaces. ... More ... less



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