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Founded in 2001 in Poland, Planika is a young and internationally renowned company specializing in the production and marketing of new generation outdoor and indoor fireplaces. The company has always had a strong vocation for technology and design, as demonstrated by the presentation, at its beginning, of a revolutionary fireplace, equipped with a fuel tank. Planika has succeeded in conquering the international market in a few years, tying its name to top hotel chains and creating a range of innovative products. The company’s catalogue offers bioethanol or gas-fired fireplaces that allow a clean combustion process, an absolutely natural flame and a state-of-the-art design that cannot fail to satisfy the most demanding international clientele. In addition, each piece is highly customizable, thanks to the different modules; it can be inserted both indoors (loungers, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms) and outdoors, for optimum comfort and simplicity of ignition and use really unique.

The advantages of Planika fireplaces

The bio-fireplaces signed Planika are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the result of years of research. Thanks to BEV Technology™, patented by the company, the fire is fueled by ethanol vapors, so as to avoid contact between the flame and the liquid. This revolutionary technology ensures clean combustion, without smoke, odor or ash, and allows the fireplace to be completely detached from elements such as the vent. Sensors are the heartbeat of this extraordinary technology. An advanced microprocessor monitors and controls the temperature, inclination, child lock for children, the amount of CO2 and the level of the bioethanol tank. The structure is built with an innovative technology, made of highly flame-retardant ceramic fibers. New equipment allows Planika bio-fireplaces to be safely installed even in yacht kitchens, with tanks that guarantee a fire life of up to 33 hours. All Planika fireplaces are equipped with an intelligent control device for remote management, integrated into home automation systems or through IoT technology.
In the case of gas-fired fireplaces, thanks to the Glassfire® technology, the flame is closed in a glass or ceramic cylinder or half-ball, so that the flammable liquid cannot be watered down or leaked in the event of an accidental impact. Planika gas fireplaces are also equipped with safety devices and Eco Flow and Modular Burner functions, which allow you to manage gas consumption.

Bioethanol and gas fireplaces for interiors and exteriors

The Fire Line collection of built-in fireplaces for interiors is the ancestor of the Planika range of bioethanol fireplaces. Characterized by a simple but elegant design, with open flames on all sides, the Fire Line collection fireplaces offer endless design possibilities, by virtue of the fact that they can be placed in any position, embedded in the masonry or inside a piece of furniture, on the wall or in the middle of the room. In addition, Fire Line fireplaces can be used in modular compositions. Fire Line is part of the Architects Line collection, which includes Fla 3 In Casing A and Fla 3 In Casing Forma, two inserts for frontal mounting of Planika bioethanol fireplaces. The inserts are available in different variants, allowing great design freedom: left or right corner, double sided, with panoramic glass on three sides, with front glass or room divider. Lincoln is a freestanding electric bioethanol fireplace with frontal flame, inserted in an elegant white lacquered MDF structure with a classic mood. Pure Flame TV Box is a TV cabinet with an integrated fireplace, which allows you to place the TV above the flame in complete safety.
Totem Commerce is a free-standing outdoor bio fireplace. Characterized by a truly unique design, it not only illuminates and heats, but turns into a furnishing object. The black and tapered body enhances with the golden color of the flame and creates suggestive settings. Galio Fire Pit Corten is a free-standing outdoor gas fireplace with a strong aesthetic impact. Made of Corten™ steel, it has a circular shape and a rough industrial look. Resistant to atmospheric agents, it creates intense flames that in addition to heating contribute to creating a suggestive atmosphere.
The linear version of Galio, made of stainless steel, can be integrated into any structure and allows to create suggestive settings in both residential and commercial spaces. The Planika catalogue also offers unprecedented solutions with a great aesthetic impact, such as tables with integrated fireplace for indoor and outdoor use. Fire Table Mini is a small table with built-in fireplace, which creates a focal point on the side on the surface, combining beauty and functionality into a unique and original object. Fire Table Round is an outdoor table with a built-in changing area located in the center, available in different finishes, natural OBS and black painted OBS.

Planika fireplaces for sale online

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