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Poliform is an Italian company of furniture and design that explores different aesthetic and layouts options and proposes furniture solutions that range from bookshelves to wardrobes, from sofas to tables, from beds to complements. The outcome is a global project allowing to furnish any area of the house with a conceptual project which is coherent in style, thanks to the versatility of Poliform modular systems. Among Poliform references we find international projects of enormous value such as the West End Quay complex in London; the AOL Time Warner Center in New York; the presidential rooms of the Clinton Library in Little Rock; the Palmolive Building in Chicago. Poliform deems sustainable design a matter of relevance and has chosen to conjugate a high technology innovation with a continuous attention to the implied resources. With this view in mind, Poliform only uses paints which are free of heavy metals and of solvents falling under the I or II class according to PRD 203/88; the composite panels only feature a minimal quantity and emission of formaldehyde; the types of wood used do not come from protected exotic forests; the packaging ensure materials recovery and recycling to a maximum degree.

Poliform furniture: style and design since 1970

Poliform was born in 1970 from the transformation of an artisan business dating back to 1942. Since the beginning, the company adopted a bold industrial approach, oriented towards mass production and engineering. Over the years Poliform has developed its production by capturing people’s needs and anticipating the trends of the housing design. Its rebirth into an industrial reality happened thanks to Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani, who still head the company at current. In 1966 Poliform got a new addition, the Varenna brand, producing kitchens and in 2006 it launched its first sofas and armchairs collection. At present Poliform is an international company that cherishes its family dimension and a solid bond with the values and traditions of its place of origin, Brianza. The group can count six production facilities. Poliform | lab adds to the list as a creative lab where the company communication is developed; it encompasses marketing, photography, visual merchandise, web graphic and the design of the expository spaces. For many years Poliform has been relying on the collaboration with outstanding world-renowned designers and architects such as Rodolfo Dordoni, Jean-Marie Massaud, Marcel Wanders, Carlo Colombo, Vincent Van Duysen, Paolo Piva, Paola Navone, Studio Kairos, Roberto Barbieri, Roberto Lazzeroni. The production process of Poliform furniture is strongly oriented towards the respect of the place of origin and the creation of values in the society of belonging.

Poliform design from the living to the night area

Poliform production culture incessantly strives for innovative solutions that fulfill the necessities of a varied audience and that predict the preferences of contemporary housing. Poliform research and innovation aim at offering quality project solutions that accommodate free combinations in contemporary house spaces. Poliform collections allow to furnish any area of the house, from the living to the night zone. Poliform modular systems, such as walk-in wardrobes or bookshelves, allow for a fully-free composition, granting versatility and reliability to a maximum level. Poliform pays extreme attention to the choice of top quality raw materials in order to ensure its collections the best aesthetic result, together with trustworthiness and resistance over time. This is the reason why it selects the best essences for the veneers and a vast array of colors for the lacquers and upholstery textiles. The varnishes used do not contain heavy metals and all glasses are security tempered. Even the mechanic components, like the drawers rails and the doors hinges, are subjected to long checking cycles, in order to grant the utmost efficiency of each element. In a way to grant the highest standards of sustainable development, Poliform uses materials coming from suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), with a low environmental impact. On the social sphere side, Poliform supports a number of initiatives aimed at improving the artistic and natural heritage of its territory of belonging, to the benefit of the school, of sporting clubs and of art diffusion, by sponsoring important exhibitions and cultural initiatives. ... More ... less

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