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Porro is an Italian brand that has manufactured furniture and accessories for almost a century, pursuing Made in Italy identity and elegance. Founded in 1925 in Brianza, the company immediately geared its production to high-quality finishes and materials, developing furniture characterized by refined lines and superior woodworking, respecting the Italian artisanal tradition. Porro produces a wide range of furniture, especially closets, bookcases and tables; also worthy of note are Porro sofas and armchairs and other upholstered furniture.

Porro style: essentiality and attention to detail

Minimalist and essential taste, recognizable in every product, characterize Porro collections. Meticulous care in design is manifested in the exacting process of simplification geared toward the production of furnishing elements for any space seeking elegance and sobriety whether for home, office, or contract furnishings for public structures, hotels and catering establishments. The sweeping Oikos home design catalog proposes stylish solutions for interiors, in particular for living and sleeping areas, always consistent with an approach devoted to elegance, formalism, and a search for new creative expression, without ever sacrificing innovation. The Porro catalog also includes solutions for home decor, such as carpets, boiserie and mobile walls. The catalog of closets and walk-in closets embodies the spirit of a brand that has geared its research to typical Made in Italy products, finished in every detail and characterized by an ample use of wood. Closets and bookcases can be used in the domestic and contract sectors and represent suitable solutions for a classic style, suggesting the idea of charm and taste. Porro is an ideal solution for the living area. Porro armchairs and sofas in versatile styles can be used in many different spaces integrated with Porro chairs and tables as well as the company's storage furniture, ornamental accessories and complements. For the sleeping area, the brand designs beds with seductive lines, distinguished by craftsmanship and minimalist appeal.

A century of history in design: Porro from 1925 to today

Two brothers, Giulio and Stefano Porro, who started a new activity to provide the Milanese upper middle class population with new furnishing products, founded their first design furniture workshop in 1925 in Montesolaro di Carimate. The company grew immediately, winning the appreciation of local customers and enduring until the second generation took over in the 1950s when Carlo, Arturo and Silvio began to lead the Brianza brand. At the same time, a fruitful collaboration with the architect Giulio Moscatelli developed. He designed the new family plant in the areas surrounding the Porro residence. During the 1960s, Porro was able to interpret the deep socio-economic change of the era and, in accordance with the new requirements imposed by industrialization, the company built a new factory in 1968. At the time, Porro collaborated with some of the most influential designers of the period. With artist Bruno Munari, the company developed the Cubovo food trolley, designed for the first time in 1962 and produced again, after restyling, in 2008. In 1966, Munari designed the new company logo. The 1980s saw the third Porro generation come into the business, coinciding with an era in which attention to design began to play a central role in the company identity. The Ferro table was designed in 1994 and is still one of the most representative objects produced by the Brianza brand. Porro opened to the global market both by collaborating with various designers throughout the world (including Werner Aisslinger, Wolfgang Tolk, Christophe Pillet, Jean Marie Massaud, le Front, Soda Designers, GamFratesi) and participating in numerous global design exhibitions. Porro first entered the German market then opened to the rest of the world. Today, exports represent half of the company's turnover. Porro has over 100 employees and 600 retailers across the globe. The numerous accolades awarded the company during its century-old history also confirm the prestige of the Italian brand. Among them: EDIDA - Elle Decor International Design Awards assigned to the Gentle chair (2013) and the Mikado sideboard (2014). ... More ... less

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