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Portapivot is a brand of the Belgian company ANYWAY doors, specialized in the design and production of high-hand internal doors. Portapivot gives shape to minimalist spaces, elegant and functional, where each and every element is rightly positioned without ever looking trivial or superficial. Ideal to fit private houses, the office space or modern co-working spaces, the ideas form the Belgian brand proof particularly winning when the aim is to create a space without using a wall to separate it from the rest of the room. Portapivot internal partitions follow the same philosophy that underpins the doors, that is to say a 35x30 mm profile made with anodized aluminum with a minimalist design, that can be completed with panels made of glass or any material, apt to be fully customized. Portapivot 3530 internal partitions can be combined with both the sliding and pivot doors and are available in the silver, black and bronze finishes. The products by Portapivot have received different acknowledgments and awards. Among those, the special mention at the A+ Awards 2016 that immediately followed the participation of the brand in the IDA (Design Awards Silver Winner) and in the European Product Design Awards. Plenty have also been the acknowledgments at the Red Dot Design Award and the Iconic Award under the Innovative Interior category.

Hinges, rails and self-assembly kit by Portapivot

The heart of the Portapivot catalog is in the hinges system, guides and self-assembly kit. Such systems have marked the brand success leading it to stand out among other companies in the same sector. The patented Stealth Pivot hinges system is a landmark for its simplicity, lightness and aesthetic performance. Thanks to their compact design, the Stealth Pivot XL and Stealth Pivot NL self-closing hinges for pivot doors can be mounted on any door, are invisible and do not require maintenance. Such hinges can support pivot doors up to 150 kg and are equipped with gas springs for soft-close. The Slideaway 5730 sliding system is endowed with an aluminum anodized trim, an aluminum rail that can be mounted on the wall or to the ceiling, and with the aluminum anodized door profile that can be finished with a material of choice to be sourced at a local supplier. The available finishes are silver, black and bronze. The self-assembly kits are equipped with all the necessary technical instructions to ensure a correct installation. Furthermore, the kits for made-to-measure doors enable to adapt doors and partitions to fit any kind of destination. Pivot hinges, rails, trims, hardware and accessories for installation are delivered with a set of practical, easy to read tips, thought with an aim in mind to simplify the product installation.

Portapivo, sliding and pivot doors with a minimal design

Next to the Slideways 6530 sliding system, the pivot doors are the flagship product within the Portapivot offer. Particularly remarkable, the Portapivot 5730 pivot door, equipped with the Stealth Pivot hinge ensures a quick installation. The trim and its minimal design can be completed by any type of 6.8 mm thick safety glass. It is possible to adorn the door with aluminum grid profiles that can be glued on the glass as wished for an infinite range of decorative options. The Portapivot Glass can praise a slender and refined design, able to enhance the natural light in any environment. The door is available in three different anodized colors, wisely matched with the glass patch that can reach a thickness of 10 mm. Here too, the use of the Stealth Pivot patent allows to maximize the aesthetic value of a structure that looks like fluctuating in the space, for an intended play of lights that adds value to the surrounding space. ... More ... less

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