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Montebelluna / Italy

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Pot à Porter pots are a fusion of the great Italian manufacturing tradition and contemporary design. They are produced using high quality clays and a distinctive effect which is obtained by mixing colours prepared in the in-house laboratory and applying them by hand. Our master craftsmen monitor every stage, including the natural drying process and the extended firing at over 1,000 degrees.
The company combines the experience of a family with five generations of expertise in the terracotta industry with the artistic flair of a close-knit, inquisitive team, whose stylish Italian creations give the material and its processes a new lease of life.


Elegant, high fashion and timeless, the range gives your home personality, gracing both indoor and outdoor spaces and giving each its very own style, colour and distinctive appeal.
Pots are taken to the next level: from a furnishing accessory, important in their own right, to the defining statement of your home and garden. Pots now dress houses, interpreting the mood, preferences and desires of the people who live there.

One of a kind pots for one of a kind people

Sometimes you need to take two steps backwards to go forwards. Hence the realisation of the importance of shifting from product serialisation to product personalisation. Pot à Porter pots are unique pieces by definition. We couldn’t make two the same, even if we tried: they are individually handmade so each one is different. Similar, just like people, but never the same. One-off works of art whose defining detail is their signature style.
Because we believe that the people who choose these pots are unique too, bringing their own personal style and highly distinctive look to the whole house and its individual spaces. ... More ... less

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