BTICINO MyHOME_Up LIGHT Home automation system for lighting control for households




Home automation system for lighting control for households

Home automation system
BTICINO manufacturer

MyHOME_Up allows you to manage the LIGHTS efficiently, obtaining maximum comfort.‎Light points can be switched on individually, as a group or in general, also adjusting the brightness to the level required.‎

The MyHOME_Up digital controls are used like normal pushbuttons and are absolutely silent.‎
A variable colour LED allows you to check the load ON/OFF status.‎ The MyHOME_Up controls are supplied at low voltage, thus with a mimimum level of electromagnetic emission.‎

Flexibility: depending on the configuration, the same control can switch one light, a group of lights or all the home lights on or off.‎ Using key covers with silk-screen printed icons makes them easily recognisable.‎ If spaces or furnishings are arranged in a new way the switching on points can be modified without altering the system's physical wiring, avoiding wall work.‎

Adjusting the brightness: the MyHOME_Up controls can be equipped with a device to dim the light point.‎ All the controls which operate the dimmed light point can adjust the brightness.‎

Automatic or timed switchings on: there are various possibilities for automatic or timed switchings on of light points, after presence detectors have triggered or for hourly programmings.‎ They can switch off after a certain period of time has elapsed or after another event on the system.‎

Control of coloured lights from third parties: Philips Hue, Lifx and DMX coloured LED lamps can be coloured with the Coloured Light object which allows you to select the light colour by sliding a virtual slider on the coloured band to the right or left.‎

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