Once Milano SIBYLLE #2 LAMP Table lamp with linen lampshade and marble base


SIBYLLE #2 LAMP By Once Milano


Table lamp with linen lampshade and marble base

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17101.01, 17101.02, 17101.03


Three lamps that speak of matter - the sort of rough matter that brings us back to nature.‎ Bases in local bush-hammered stone highlight matter, even as lights and shadows dance together in space.‎ Lampshapes in crushed linen take on sculpted and "monastic" shapes.‎ The harmonious dialogue between three colours namely; Beige, Olive and Vintage Pink, is interrupted by a Cobalt Blue which evades predictability.‎

Lampshape in crushed linen, based in bush-hammpered marble, H.‎73 - W.‎ 50 cm

“SIBYLLE” collection is the first collaboration between Studiopepe and Once Milano.‎
The mythical Sibyls of Graeco-Roman antiquity, after which “SIBYLLE” is named, were deemed to be endowed with sensibility.‎ As such, they were believed to have the capacity to probe the recesses of the material world through their senses.‎ They were equally said to be capable of perceiving the “subtle” world, i.‎e.‎, that world which remains hidden from most — a world that can only be contemplated through the eyes of one’s heart.‎
According to Studiopepe, “SIBYLLE” is a celebration of the senses viewed as precious tools for exploring and interpreting reality: “[A celebration of] the sense of touch, through textures that are rich and essential at the same time, much like the bush-hammered stone of the lamps and the embossed designs; [a celebration of] the sense of sight, through the colours of an enveloping and deep palette, itself the expression of the inner world; [a celebration of] the sense of hearing, through the light and seductive sound of crushed linen.‎"

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H. 73cm - W. 50 cm
H. 62cm - W. 31 cm
H. 47cm - W. 43 cm

SIBYLLE Collection by Once Milano
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