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3M DI-NOC ™ is the range of high quality adhesive laminated coatings that revolutionise the concept of room renovation.‎ 3M DI-NOC ™ has all that is needed for a covering material: lightness, flexibility as well as an indispensable and lasting aesthetic quality.‎ The warmth of wood, the class of brushed metals, the elegance of leather, the geometric appeal of natural stone and hundreds of other possibilities to give new shape and vitality to any surface, even 3D.‎ One of the main peculiarities of 3M DI-NOC ™ solutions is the simplicity and speed of construction and redevelopment compared to traditional renovation techniques.‎ In fact, the regeneration is performed under dry construction, without the commitment of invasive equipment and noisy instruments, with significant economic and time savings.‎
With a total collection of 40 families for over 1000 finishes available, 3M DI-NOC ™ is confirmed as the most ductile and valuable finish on the market today.‎
It allows to cover very large surfaces continuously, obtaining aesthetic results impossible with any other material.‎
225 New Finishes in the 2018-2020 Collection of incomparable beauty and created to meet any design need contribute, in this sense, to make 3M DI-NOC ™ a unique and perfect material for all types of settings: from the most rigorous of hospitals and centers directional, to the softer and more welcoming ones in the Ho.‎Re.‎Ca.‎ up to the most eclectic, from the world of fashion and retail in general.‎

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Further details
We recommend careful cleaning of the surface before proceeding with the application, then apply the film using a dry application method.
The method of application to water is not recommended. The Comply ™ sticker will make the application very easy and bubble-free.
The primers are liquid adhesives that must be used in case of application on surfaces with low surface energy or in the following cases:
• After sealing porous surfaces such as plasterboard, calcium silicate, mortar, mortar and porous woods.
• At critical points such as corners and edges of tables, shelves, doors and furniture.
• DI-NOC ™ on DI-NOC ™.
• In the overlapping points of the coating.
• On the surface at the approach point between DI-NOC ™ and DI-NOC ™.
Generally, for applications on the most common surfaces, such as painted and laminated metals, there is no need to use primers.
For further information ask our sales department.
To clean the applied product, use a soft cloth with detergent and water. For consistent and strong dirt use detergent and hot water at 70 ° C.

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