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Safety and security window film

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Ultra Safety


Safety and security window film

The Ultra Safety Series is a range of high quality security and protection films, made up of tens of microstrates, up to 42, making them absolutely unique, strong and resistant to tearing. This range offers superior performance in the event of an explosion or impact compared to standard monolayer polyester films, while maintaining a high level of optical transparency. The range also includes colored and transparent films, which combine safety and solar control properties.

Further details
• Increases personal safety and reduces risks related to glass breakage by holding splinters.
• Protects against burglaries and break-in attempts
• Increases the durability and brightness of the colors of fabrics and furnishings by almost completely blocking UV rays, the main ones responsible for fading.
• Reduces the risk associated with glass splinters in the event of breakage.
• The patented 3M technology exploits the lamination of many micro-layers to ensure a great resistance to tearing and perforation compared to single-layer polyester films.
• Increases the protection of people, property and property in the event of hurricanes, earthquakes and explosions.
Use 3M window films to protect and secure assets, buildings and people from intentional damage such as intrusion, theft, rioting and even explosions.
Intrusions and thefts
3M protection films can help prevent petty crime by simply helping keep the glass in place even when the window is hit with heavy objects. The resistance of the film to tearing is an excellent deterrent for the bad guys, slowing down the intrusion attempts to make them desist.
Civil unrest
Nowadays no country, society, culture or building is immune to the threat of terrorism or revolts. For this reason, building owners and administrators must be even more aware of their responsibilities towards occupants and property within buildings, especially during major events, public, political or sports events. Offering a safe environment is without a doubt a priority. Not always enhancing security is enough to prevent a building from becoming a target, but using preventive measures such as 3M protection films can certainly help to minimize losses and consequential damage. In the event of civil unrest, the installation of 3M protection films can demonstrate that the administration of the building has implemented the necessary defensive measures to ensure the protection of occupants and property.
3M protection films can be installed outside windows or mirrors to protect glass against vandalism. In the case of graffiti, scratches, writing and even acid corrosion on a window, it is not the glass that is damaged, but the film, which acts as a sacrificial layer and can simply be replaced, giving the glass its original appearance at an expense and a minimum expenditure of time. This kind of application of 3M protection films is particularly useful on trains or buses, which are often the target of vandalism.
However difficult and unpleasant it may be to accept in today's world, the explosion of a bomb is an eventuality that can not be ruled out. An explosion turns windows into extremely dangerous fragments, which often cause more damage to humans than the explosion itself. In addition, broken windows allow the shock wave resulting from an explosion to penetrate buildings, constituting a source of additional risk. 3M protection films have undergone various explosion tests according to various international standards and are proven to mitigate the effects of an explosion by protecting people's lives.
Use 3M window films to protect people and windows from accidental damage or natural phenomena that can cause glass breakage and the presence of splinters.
Natural disasters
There are times when the world can be a dangerous place. When natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, strong winds and earthquakes strike us, we can do little to protect our buildings. With a preventive action, however, your building can be ready for the worst in extreme conditions. Stained glass is often the weakest component of a building's exterior envelope. In these circumstances, a window film can reinforce the windows, protecting occupants and objects from splinters in the event of breakage. It also acts as a protection against wind, rain and debris.
Shards and broken glass
When an unprotected glass breaks, the fragments expelled at high speed pose a serious threat to people because they cause serious or even fatal injuries, as well as damaging objects. 3M safety window films offer protection against trauma caused by accidental impacts or falls on glass, of particular importance in schools or kindergartens. Tests have shown that 3M safety window films can retain crushed glass even when the entire window and frame are detached from the building, significantly reducing the amount and speed of any glass fragments and the risk of cause damage to people.

Safety and Security Collection by 3M Italia
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