Continuous wooden and glass facade system


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Continuous wooden and glass facade system


Glass, Wood and glass

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From the collaboration between 8-CHEMIE and Petschenig Glastec of the Uniglas Group, UNIGLAS® FACADE is an innovative façade concept that combines aesthetics with great savings.‎ Recently UNIGLAS® FACADE received the first prize for “innovation!” at the Fensterbau Frontale event in Nuremberg.‎ It is a revolutionary continuous facade: it does not use metal profiles.‎ Thanks to the most ecological wood structure and the best wood-bound thermal insulation, UNIGLAS® FACADE reduces CO₂ emission by up to 43% compared to the classic aluminum profiles.‎ In addition, the composite element of wood-glass union (ULV) convinces not least for its architectural aesthetics, because of the effect of machining and laying on continuous and continuous contour surfaces with no visible profiles, you get an exclusive aesthetic appearance.‎ The insulating glass elements are provided with a fastening bar, which is glued on the edge of the insulating glass; then the element made of "wood-glass" is screwed directly to the supporting structure, also in wood, on the facade.‎ A calculation made for a UNIGLAS® FACADE in Rome shows that our product can support an earthquake intensity of VII (classification in seismic scale of EMS, European Macrosismic Scale).‎ UNIGLAS® FACADE is therefore suitable for large-surface facades, handicraft stores, winter gardens, verandas, single-family or semi-detached villas, terraced houses, also in problematic areas.‎ According to the EC study by Prof.‎ Michael Bauer (Drees & Sommer Advanced Building Technologies, co-author of the book "Green Building - Concepts for Sustainable Architecture"), using wood instead of aluminum profiles, the primary energy requirement with UNIGLAS® FACADE can be almost halved from 407 kWh/m² to 209 kWh/m².‎ At the same time, composite wood and glass elements offer a unique thermal insulation value, up to 0.‎ 69 W/m²K.‎ So UNIGLAS® FACADE meets the modern requirements of an eco-friendly and sustainable construction.‎

Further details
1. cross stitch wood structure
2. sealing tape Duplocoll glued to the wood
3. marine plywood composite strip bar according to EN636-2 “S” collection class 3 EN 314-2
4. Thermal Bond 3,2x6 mm
5. Adhesive OTTOCOLL-S-660 made by OTTO-CHEMIE
6. Wood screw lighted with galvanized shank 5.0/70
7. Insulating glass UNIGLAS for the wood-glass composite element

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