ABK WIDE&STYLE MINI VOL. 2 Indoor porcelain stoneware wall tiles




Indoor porcelain stoneware wall tiles

Colour and new decorative ideas take centre stage in Volume 2 of Wide&Style MINI, the ABK collection that once again uses the 60x120 cm size to create original ceramic wallpapers suitable for use in even the smallest rooms.‎ The porcelain wall tile collection comes in 8 exclusive patterns that can be combined with the main ABK surfaces, including the 10 plain colours already present in the Wide&Style MINI range.‎

Wide&Style MINI Vol.‎ 2 moves away from figurative and naturalistic inspirations and into more abstract territories defined by unusual geometries, line patterns and designs with a handmade feel.‎ These fascinating proposals feature a wealth of aesthetic references that provide invaluable support to interior designers in their work.‎ By adopting unique 3D Tech technology, which enables extra-thick ceramic materials to be synchronised perfectly with the designs, the ceramic surfaces in Vol.‎2 are able to recreate the reflections and reliefs typical of printed textiles and other craft processes.‎

With their sophisticated designs, bright colours and surprising tactility, the eight Wide&Style MINI Vol.‎ 2 motifs have been specially created by the ABK style department to fit in with the latest style trends and coordinate effectively with the existing range of porcelain floor tiles.‎  

Technical Data
Product type: porcelain stoneware
Size: 60x120 cm rectified
Thickness: 7 mm
Porcelain graphic motifs: Refined, Overlap, Amplify, Layers, Offset, Palette, Upcycled, Riviera
Areas of use: residential building
Country of production: Italy

Wide&Style is the project born out of ABK's innovative spirit, the immense creative potential of large porcelain stoneware slabs and the in-depth study of ceramic decoration techniques.‎ The result is a container of on-demand graphic solutions that range between styles and tastes, between artistic inspirations and unprecedented author's suggestions.‎

Wide&Style proposes Ceramic Wallpapers and Ceramic Rugs, bringing the concept of digital decoration to both walls and floors to satisfy every creative and stylistic need in interior design.‎ Decorated walls and floors for residential design, as well as for community spaces, are the result of the two DIGIT+ and FLOOR DIGIT+ technologies that guarantee the brilliance and vividness of the colours and, for the floor application, the necessary resistance to wear and treading.‎

With record-breaking sizes, starting with the imposing 160x320 cm and 120x280 cm, the Wide&Style range also includes sizes such as 90x90 and 120x120 cm, ideal for laying on floors, and versatile formats such as 60x120 cm, always designed for graphic development even on large surfaces.‎

The technical characteristics of Wide&Style slabs allow the creativity of planners and designers to be unleashed in a variety of uses: residential spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, commercial spaces, and outdoor facades.‎ The programme of coordinated sizes and thicknesses offers the possibility of composing eclectic spaces by combining Wide&Style proposals with ABK's other porcelain stoneware solutions for floors and walls.‎

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60x120 cm - thickness 7 mm

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