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Indoor porcelain stoneware wall tiles

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WIDE&STYLE is the new on-demand collection from ABK Ceramiche bringing together the qualities of large panels and high-resolution digital decoration.‎ Its unique blend of innovative technologies and creativity lends a distinctive, personal look to any project.‎

ABK underscores its Style with offerings spanning geometries, floral patterns and the world of luxury.‎ To emphasise the decorative potential and practicality of ceramic surfaces, the ABK Style Department has created a series of graphic designs to be coloured on the tiles inspired by the viral phenomenon of Colouring Books.‎

The WIDE&STYLE collection features a kaleidoscope of graphic effects that stand out for their taste, style and inspiration.‎ Based on the creativity of young graphic artists, illustrators and product designers, these surfaces are capable of transforming spaces with an artistic and original touch.‎ In particular, the designers from Officinarkitettura drew inspiration from the history of Italian architecture and reinterpreted the details in a contemporary style.‎ The style of Margherita Leonardi recreates the traditions of far-off locations in an utterly contemporary mood; the neo-minimalism of Riccardo Palazzi stands out for its two-dimensionality and creative use of colour; and an original reinterpretation of the patterns of classical architecture underpins the work of Marco Taietta.‎

WIDE&STYLE is part of the large-format tile collection produced by ABK using CONTINUA+ technology in sizes up to a record 160x320 cm.‎ The revolutionary dry pressing system produces high-quality soft-touch porcelain surfaces with exceptional technical performance.‎ In particular, these tiles are tough, lightweight (thanks to their thickness of just 7 mm) and easy to work with.‎ The WIDE&STYLE panels can be produced either in the cold-pressed Digit version or in the Digit+ version which includes a firing process to make them resistant to chemicals and UV radiation, ideal for use in any kind of residential or commercial space, from bathrooms through to exterior façades.‎

Along with the material’s technical qualities, ABK adds all the exclusivity of a new on-demand service.‎ Customers intending to personalise their interior design projects will receive a computer rendering based on the submitted dimensions along with the instructions for cutting and correctly installing the ceramic panels.‎ WIDE&STYLE solutions can also be easily combined with ABK floor tiles to complete any project flawlessly.‎

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WIDE&STYLE comes in various patterns and is available in 160x320 cm, 120x270 and 120x240 cm sizes and a pre-cut 60x120 cm version.

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