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Chilled Beam

EHT active chilled beams are hybrid induction terminals combining temperature control, cooling, heating and air distribution functions in one single device.‎
After being filtered, treated and dehumidified in a treatment unit, the primary air is pushed into the plenum and, by emerging from nozzles, it induces the ambient air to pass through the heat exchanger coils (fed by chilled or hot water) and to mix with the jet of primary air before being sent back into the room via the delivery outlets.‎
A system of this type is able to limit operating costs thanks to its high energy efficiency, which also safeguards the environment.‎ This is one of Aer-mec's foremost goals, as it skilfully develops its products combining maximum practicality with the minimum environmental impact.‎
These cooling terminals can be used in systems with two different levels of chilled water production.‎ In the UTA dedicated to primary air treatment, low-temperature chilled water is usually used, whereas medium-temperature water is always needed to feed the chilled beam coils.‎ The active chilled beams produce environmental comfort by moving about 1/3 of the amount of air compared with a similar all-air system, which translates into drastically reduced ventilation costs.‎

• High induction ratios.‎
• Can be installed in a wide range of modular ceilings; compatible with modular false ceilings 600 x 600 mm.‎
• Can be installed in 4-pipe systems.‎
• Fully silent functioning.‎
• Maximum access to components and water connections, that can be reached from more than one position.‎

Further details

Chilled beams are ideal for the ventilation, cooling and heating of rooms with a ceiling height up to 4m. They can be installed in open-plan offices, hotel rooms, shops, airports and railway stations, hospital wards and large areas in general, always ensuring the correct flow of fresh air and distributing it evenly to optimise the temperature in every part of the room.

The EHT chilled beams are designed with the aim of producing high output whilst guaranteeing the best possible level of comfort in the room.
This goal is satisfied by taking advantage of the Coanda effect, that keeps the air flow up against the ceiling until it reaches residual speeds and temperatures that trigger critical situations such as currents of cold air.

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