AERMEC MLG Multi-split air conditioning unit with heat pump


MLG | Multi-split air conditioning unit By AERMEC


Multi-split air conditioning unit with heat pump

MLG is the multi-split air/air system in heat pump version with DC inverter technology.‎ Numerous combinations possible, with 4 types of indoor unit: Cassette, Floor-Ceiling, Ducted, Wall.‎

Cooling capacity: 4.‎1 ÷ 12.‎1 kW
Heating capacity: 4.‎4 ÷ 13 kW
• Cooling and heating    
• Inverter rotary compressor    
• Inverter rotary compressor    
• Floor installation          
• Wall installation            
• Ducted installation      
• Ceiling installation

Multi-split system with R32 gas, consisting of 1 outdoor unit with multispeed fan and rotary DC inverter compressor and, depending on the size, 1-5 indoor units with 3-speed fan of the following types: Cassette 600x600, 840x840 (false ceiling installation), Floor-Ceiling (wall or ceiling installation), Low-head Ducted (horizontal installation), Wall (wall installation).‎ It has the following operating modes: Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification, Automatic and Ventilation Only, which are all managed via microprocessor adjustment and can all be set from the infrared remote control or from the wired panel (both supplied as standard).‎ Any type of indoor unit is extremely quiet and has a regenerable filter.‎ The Cassette, Floor-Ceiling and Wall units have adjustable fins for regulating the air flow.‎

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